19 Best Adult Comedy Movies Of All Time You Will Enjoy Watching

From comedy to romance, adult comedies are a total package. Even though these films have become a little less common recently, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There have been plenty of adult comedy movies in the past that were absolutely amazing. Are you searching for some of the best movies of this genre? Well, worry no more! We have curated a list of 19 best Adult comedy movies that are a must-watch.


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1. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Zack and Miri, two friends, decide to make an adult film to make money after experiencing a financial problem. But as time passes, the two come to understand that they are not just friends.

2.  The 40 Year Old Virgin 

The forty-year-old unmarried Andy enjoys his life and works at an electronics store. His coworkers decide to assist him in losing his virginity after learning about his celibacy. One of the best Adult comedy movies.

3.  Girls Trip

This revolves around a girl who sees the opportunity to reunite with her best friends Sasha, Lisa, and Dina when Ryan is asked to speak at the annual Essence Festival, and the girls decide to take a journey to New Orleans.

4.  21 Jump Street

High school pals Schmidt and Jenko go on to work as police officers. To break a drug ring and discover the source of a synthetic substance, the two friends pose as students and go undercover. A must-watch movie!

5.  Hunt for the Wilderpeople

A youngster and his foster father become lost in the New Zealand wilderness and end themselves being the targets of a manhunt. One of the best Adult comedy movies.

6.  Superbad

Before attending different institutions, two high school boys desire to live life to the utmost. Unfortunately, they get into difficulty because of their excess.

7.  Hot Tub Time Machine

Adam, Nick, and Lou, three buddies who are sick of their issues, decide to go to a ski resort. After being inexplicably transferred to the year 1986, their lives are forever altered.

8.  Plus One

Longtime single friends Ben and Alice decide to go to every wedding they’ve been invited to as each other’s plus one in order to endure a summer filled with wedding fever. Again, one of the best Adult comedy movies.

9.  Coopers’ Camera

Teddy, the youngest Cooper kid, captures his dysfunctional family’s holiday with a used camcorder as an estranged uncle causes trouble.

10.  Blockers

After witnessing their children’s bond, Lisa, Mitchell, and Hunter become close friends. The parents make a concerted effort to prevent their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night, though.

11.  Kick-Ass

A geeky teen reshapes himself as a superhero and attempts to genuinely fight crime in order to indulge his comic book addiction.

12.  Hot Fuzz

When Officer Angel moves to Sandford, unrest breaks out there as a masked man starts attacking the locals.

13.  Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold and Kumar, two stoners, the reason that indulging in a White Castle burger is the only way to satisfy their cravings. But they face absurd challenges on the way to the outlet. 

14.  Wedding Crashers

Two womanizers who enjoy gatecrashing weddings find themselves in trouble when one of them develops feelings for a bridesmaid.

15. The Hangover

A 2009 chaotic comedy about a group of friends going on a bachelor trip. They get drunk in Las Vegas and lose the groom! The rest of the movie includes recollecting the moments of the wild night and trying to find the groom before the situation gets out of control.

16. American Pie

It is among those adult comedy movies that turned into a huge franchise! This 1999 adult comedy focuses on the messy life of school kids who want to lose their virginity before they come out of high school but all their desperate attempts turn into utterly laughable moments!

17. Deadpool

A rare mix of genres- R-rated comedy and superhero flick! It is about a mercenary turned superhero(Ryan Reynolds) with a bad mouth. He got superpowers during a mutant experiment but that also left him horribly scarred.

18. The Dictator

This 2012 adult comedy could easily make many turn their offensive side on! A movie that mocks almost all obnoxious communities, rules, religions, countries, warfare, political issues, and a lot more!

19. Zombieland

A combination of the two genres- zombies and comedy- is a good one for a relaxing yet adventurous weekend! This movie starring  Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin is one of the best adult comedy movies.

These are some of the best Adult comedy Movies of all time. How many have you watched?

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