20 Best Bollywood Thriller Movies That Keep You In Suspense Till The End

Thriller films elicit a response in the audiences; as they deal with solving a mystery. While a lot of us admire Hollywood thrillers, some of the best Bollywood thriller movies are no less in keeping you on the edge of your seats in suspense till the very end.

The mystery could  be about romance, heist, crime and what not! They demand the attention of the viewers right from the start until the very end as every minute detail later adds up in uncovering the suspense. As the story unfolds, we become more and more engrossed in the plot of the film and out of tune with our realities.And in a way, a good thriller,  becomes an immersive experience for us.

Here we bring you 20 best Bollywood thriller movies that’ll keep you in suspense till the end!

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1. A Wednesday

A police commissioner narrates the most peculiar case that he faced in years of service. Watch this film to see how an otherwise unassuming Wednesday creates havoc in the life of the politicians and police force.

2. Aamir

Dr Aamir is happy with his life in United Kingdom. He visits in India for a vacation. Little does he know that his life would  never be the same. He is coerced to become a terrorist by Islamic Terrorist. This amazing Bollywood thriller makes you think where did Aamir go wrong.

3. Ajnabee

Man is a social animal and Raj and Priya are no different! They befriend their new neighbour Vicky and his wife Sonia. Everything is great about their friendship until one day Raj finds himself being framed for Sonia’s murder.

4. Andhadhun

Akash, a pianist, pretends to be blind to perfect his piano playing skills to the T. Little does he know that his self imposed blindness would backfire on him and land him into life -threatening situations.

5. Dhrishyam

Vijay finds out that his family is susceptible to lifetime in jail for killing a cop’s son. He must do everything he can to save them.  How he does that makes this film a must watch Bollywood thriller!

6. Ek Hasina Thi

Ek Hasina Thi is a romance thriller of a good girl gone bad to avenge the wrongs that were done to her. Watch this stellar piece of cinema as Sarika vows to give it back to Karan who falsely implicated her for carrying illegal firearms.

7. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla is a film wherein 12 jurors have been given the task of passing a judgment over a murder trail. Barring one of them, rest  are convinced that the convict is the culprit. Watch them deconstruct the murder scene as one of them tries to establish that the convict is innocent. This 1986 cult classic is revered by many as the best Bollywood thriller movie till date.

8. Gumnaam

Gumnaam is the story of eight people who are left stranded on an island after winning a contest. They take a shelter in a mansion. However, one by one the guest are murdered. You must watch this Bollywood thriller to deconstruct the mystery.

9. Gupt

Sahil is convicted of his stepfather’s death. To prove his innocence he must find the real culprit. As he does so  he comes  face to face the most unnerving reality of his life. Gupt is a must watch Bollywood thriller as it is a perfect concoction of suspense, romance and drama.

10. Johnny Gaddaar

Johnny Gaddaar is murder mystery. A gang of five members decide to pool in money and purchase drugs. They want to sell it for double the price and earn profit. Things go awry when one of the members plans to run away with the money.

11. Kahaani

Kahaani is the story of a pregnant women who comes all the way to Kolkata in search of her missing husband. We can’t help but pity the women. But is that all that is to it? One of the best Bollywood thriller movies of recent times, Kahaani will keep you on the edge of your seats till the very end!

12. Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik has been an introvert throughout his life. And as a result of this has been at the receiving end of his boss and sometimes friends. One day he receives a phone call by a stranger who promises to change his life for ever. How can that be true? Well, to give your speculations a breather you must watch this brilliant psychological thriller.

13. Kaun

A  news is telecast on all the channels that a serial killer is on the loose. We see a terrified woman watching the TV. She hears the door feel ring but is sceptical and don’t want to entertain the person. As she fears it might be the killer. However, he convinces her to let him in.

The Bollywood thriller movie lives up to the audiences’ expectations.

14. Manorama

Manorama is the wife of an irrigation minister in Rajasthan. He asks Satyaveer (Abhay Deol) to investigate whether her husband  is having an extra- marital affair or not. Satyaveer agrees to help her. But does he know that he has stirred up a hornet’s nest?

15. No Smoking

A chain smoker is sent to a rehabilitation centre. He manages to find his way out by paying them a hefty sum. But, he is also given a warning: his family would be killed if he ever smokes again.

16. Samay

ACP Malvika is investigating the murder of a businessman. But, she is running out of time hunting for the killer; who is on a rampage to kill.

17. Special 26

Income Tax Officers raiding a jewellery shop is a normal thing. Except that it wasn’t. In 1987, robbers feigned as Income Tax Officers robbed a jewellery shop in Mumbai. The film is based on the real heist which took place back then.

18. Talaash

Inspector Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) is investigating the mysterious death of an actor. But, on the personal front he and his wife are yet to come to terms with his son’s death.

19. Talvar

Talvar is a film based on the double murder of Aarushi Talwar and her servant Hemraj in 2008. The film deals with investigating agencies try to look for evidences and motives for the murder. But, when they fail to find anything concrete; they declare Arushi’s parents to be the killer.

20. Ugly

When Kali goes missing her father and stepfather are at loggerheads and accuse each-other of kidnapping her. Things complicate and take an ugly turn when everyone is busy acting for their selfish gains rather than finding Kali.

Is there any of your favorites we missed in this list of the best Bollywood thriller movies. Do let us know in the comments below!

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