18 Most Amazing Dialogues From FRIENDS That Stayed With Us

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, is one word that is enough to bring a wide smile to your face. Unless you went for hibernation, you would have definitely heard of this popular comedy sitcom. This was one of the best shows of the 90s and even after that. Although it has been almost 18 years since the last episode aired, Friends is still hugely influential in contemporary pop culture. It had 10 seasons and it did not fail to make the audience fall in love with it.  All the seasons have some amazing quotes and we are here to list a few of them. So here is the list of Best Dialogues from FRIENDS that you are going to love.

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1. We all need some confidence in life and Phoebe is a damn good example of that. She definitely knows how to pump us up!

2. Phoebe had her own unique and savage way of saying NO. And we absolutely are in love with it!

3. To see how the others would respond, Phoebe then says this statement while acting as though she passed away abruptly.

4.  After the bond between Janice and Chandler intensified, Chandler began to understand how important she is to him. As a result, they go forward with their relationship. But in typical Chandler form, he goes too far and scares Janice away.

5. Chandler has his own way of saying things and we surely love it!

6.  The group is conversing about the value of kissing during sex while hanging out at the coffee shop. The boys relate it to being an opening act, and the girls concur that it’s crucial.

7. This is definitely one of the favorite dialogues from FRIENDS that every girl can relate to. No man in this world can understand the pain of a woman and we love how Rachel tells this to Ross!

8. Joey’s favorite dialogue to flirt was not what a mother would love if her child learned it.

9. When Rachel decided to hire a new assistant, she had to choose between an experienced candidate and a youthful, attractive candidate with the name Tag. In fact, she wanted to cry a little because of how gorgeous he was.

10. The moment in which Chandler and Monica are being played by Rachel and Phoebe while they are aware that they are being played. The only option left with them was to step up their game.

11.  We react the same way Monica does when Chandler finally admits to Monica that he faked on the night they were trying to conceive.

12. After showing up at Central Perk in her wedding gown, Rachel, the bride formally moves in with Monica and is motivated to make a change in her life and is persuaded to cancel all of her credit cards. With this line, Monica gives her a direct welcome to her new reality.

13.  Joey is skilled at making women blush, and his most remarkable statement is undoubtedly this one!

14. Of course, there are times we don’t like certain types of talks. But Joey’s way of saying this is the best one.

15. Joey tries his best to convince Ross that feelings are not that rigid and they go away soon. But deep down, we all know they don’t!

16. Why do the tough task of calculation when you can get the answer from somebody else!

17. This is the best one because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

18. We all know this ‘Break’ tends to break many relationships and so it did in this case when Ross slept with someone else when he and Rachel were on a break.

So that was it, folks! Let us know in the comment section below, which are your favorite dialogues from FRIENDS?

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