10 Best Dialogues From Half CA That Will Motivate You To Not Give Up

The show “Half CA” quickly gained popularity among India’s youth. It’s a student drama mini-series that portrays the challenging journey of pursuing one of India’s toughest courses, CA (Chartered Accountancy). This unique storyline follows the struggles and successes of two CA aspirants from different backgrounds. The experiences of Archie and Neeraj resonate with many Indian students who endure years of hardship while preparing for competitive exams like CA. “Half CA” features Ahsaas Channa, Gyanendra Tripathi, and Anmol Kajani in lead roles. It’s an Amazon mini-series that offers a dose of motivation and a never-give-up spirit. Now, let’s explore some of the best dialogues from “Half CA.”

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1. Koi unse jaakr pucho kitna mushkil hai!
“Society Ko Lagta Hain, Commerce Walon Ki Padhai Science Walon Ke Comparison Main Bahut Chill Hoti Hain.” – Ahsaas Channa

2. They are trying their best…
“Ladies Se Unki Umar, Bacchon Se Match Ke Number Aur Ca Aspirants Se Number Aur Attempt Nahin Poochate.” 

3. Several years of struggle to get that one proud title…totally worth it!
“CA Archi Mehta, Mujhe To Bas Iss Title Ko Reality Banana Hain.” – Ahsaas Channa

4. Cuteness ka overload!
“Bahar Ke Log Jab Mumbai Aakar Shock Ho Jaate Hain Na To Bade Cute Lagte Hain.”

5. Bann jayenge full CA bhi!
“Ye To Half CA Hain Abhi.”

6. College bhi join krna padhta hai kya?
“Ye CA Ki Padhai Ko Legar Itana Serious Hain Ki Isne College Bhi Join Nahin Kiya.” – Anmol Kajani

7. Abba abhi bhi nahi mangenge!
“Beta, Sapne Dekhana Acchi Baat Hain, Lekin Sapne Utane Hi Dekhane Chahiye Jisme Haqiqat Aur Sapnon Ke Beech Ka Farq Samajh Main Aaye.

8. When you come face-to-face with reality…
“Ganda course hai yeh, na college life enjoy krne deta hai, na dosti rehne deta hai.”

9. When you are put on the spot…
“Sir mera to yeh teesra hi attempt hai lekin, aap anthwe take kaise ruke ho.”

10. That one moment of weakness…
“CA game to har 6 mahine ayenge, college life to ek baar hi aayega na.”

TVF’s Half CA is a superhit 2023 show that is available to watch on Amazon Mini TV. If you haven’t watched the show yet- go watch it now! Half CA shows the inside stories, mental struggles, and public scrutiny that a person goes through when they decide to pursue CA as a career. Watch the show that connects you well with the characters. Also, don’t forget to tell us your views on the above 10 best dialogues from Half CA.

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