9 Best Dialogues from John Wick 4 That Are Memorable

The famous action star John Wick returned with more vigor and some badass action sequences. But, along with it, the dialogues were as adrenaline-filling as all the other aspects of the movie! The action thriller movie franchise that started in 2014 had its 4th installment released in 2023- and one that created as much buzz as the former movies did. There are some fan favorite and some of the best dialogues from John Wick 4 that we will remember for a long time!

The story of John Wick 4 surrounds the capturing of the High Table. But to do that John Wick has to have a face-off with his two former friends who have joined hands with enemy powers and are now his foes. The movie got a 7.8 IMDb rating and a lot of positive reviews from all the fans of the film across the globe. The movie stars big Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves, Laurance Fishburne, and George Georgiou, and many more. Here are all the best dialogues from John Wick 4:

1. Best of friends are even ready to die for you!
“Friendship means little when it’s convenient.” – Shimazu

2. Perfection is needed in everything you do!
“How you do anything is how you do everything.” – Marquis

3. Do they both mean the same?
John Wick: “Those who cling to death; live.”
Caine: “Those who cling to life; die.”

4.  Look your best on both the important days of your lives…
“Man has to look his best when it’s time to get married, or buried.” – Bowery King

5. Now they are baddies with guns and swag…
Shimazu: “I want you to find your peace. But a good death only comes after a good life.”
John Wick: “You and I left a good life behind a long time ago, my friend.”

6. When he turns the table…
Killa: “So, you want to kill him. You want to kill him. I want to kill him. What about you, Mr. Wick?”
John Wick: “I’m going to kill you.”

7. When you have a blood-soaked friendship from the past…
John Wick: “I’m going to kill them all.”
Shimazu: “I believe you’ll try. But no one, not even you, can kill everyone.”

8. When John Wick is focused and not so easy to manipulate…
Marquis: “There is no John out there. No happy man with a normal life. There is only John Wick: The Killer.”
John Wick: “Yeah. And he’s about to kill you.”

9. Is that true?
“A man’s ambition should never exceed his worth.”- Marquis

Tell us which dialogues are your favorite! Also, did we miss any great dialogues to add to our list of 9 best dialogues from John Wick 4? Tell us in the comments.

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