7 Best Dialogues From Poacher To Prove Why You Must Watch This Series


“Poacher” is a TV show about a serious problem: people killing elephants for their skin and tusks. It’s a big issue, even though it happens far away in dark forests. The show is based on true stories and follows forest officers, NGO workers, and police trying to stop the poachers in India. It shows how wild animals suffer while we’re safe at home. You can find some dialogues from “Poacher” and watch it on Prime Video, where it has an 8.1 rating on IMDb. It came out on February 23, 2024.


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1. The racket has even darker and deeper roots than you can think…
“Tum jo ye network disturb kar rahe ho na, usme arms hain, drugs hain, human trafficking hai.”

2. One poacher down, more to go!
“Aruku ne ek aur nnaam diya haim, Morris Finn.”

3. A war between the poachers and the police…
“We have just lost 18 sub-adults under our watch, it is the worst incident I have ever witnessed.”


4. Need the strongest people in the department because the case is the biggest…
“Mala, you have a reputation. More arrests and convictions than anyone else in the department, we need you back.”

5. When someone steps up to catch the killers…
“Main karunga, mere tarike ke meri team ke saath.”

6. Now no more delay…
“Saare accused gayab hain. Forest Minister ka phone aa gaya hai jaanch ki shuruwat karni hai.”

7. Only in the official books…
“There hasn’t been elephant poaching in Kerala since the early 90s.”

Elephant poaching is highly prevalent in Kerala, and to aware people of it, the Emmy award-winning director Richie Mehta has created this series. Poacher stars Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya in prominent roles. Alia Bhat is co-producing the movie and is also seen in the short awareness video promoting the show. Watch it.

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