6 Best Hindi Romantic Movies of 2023 To Take Lessons on True Love

We desis are romantic by heart and directors like Yash Chopra have made this a world-known fact! In 2023, the legacy of Hindi romantic movies continued to blossom and charmed audiences with heartwarming tales. After watching these romantic tales unfold, the air is filled with a renewed sense of romance, making them perfect for cozy evenings with a loved one. Check out this list of the best Hindi Romantic movies of 2023. And, if you haven’t watched any one of these- give them a try.


1. Satyaprem Ki Katha

A romantic drama movie that has tried on the social stigma around rape and how society always looks down upon women. The movie shows a man named Sattu falling deeply and madly in love with Katha. However, she already has a boyfriend. Years later, Katha is depressed and something wrong has happened with her and when everyone shuts their doors on her face- Sattu holds her hand. He makes his message loud and clear- it is not her fault. Not a very well-crafted movie but it is a nice attempt to talk about a taboo subject.

2. Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar

A romcom starring Ranbir Kapoor that will remind you a bit of his ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani‘ phase- that romantic boy era of this chocolaty boy! The cute chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor flirting while vacationing in exotic foreign locations will also get butterflies in your tummies. Yup, this is a Luv Ranjan movie that also has man flaws (IYKYK). On some days, we all like to watch a romcom where you don’t have to use your mind and watch it for entertainment and good music- well, this is that movie for you.

3. Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani

A rom-com family drama about Rocky a Punjabi gym-freak man with a quirky personality who falls in love with the tenacious and intelligent Bengali woman- Rani. When they think of getting married, all they look at is not just themselves but also their families who are poles apart. So, they devise a plan of swapping houses and try living with each other’s families for three months. Sounds like an interesting story that must have a lot of twists. Yes, it is!

4. Zara Hatke Zar Bachke

It is a romcom family drama film about an Indore-based pair who are in love with each other and decide to get married. Kapil and Soumya start living in a joint family only and realize that they need a separate house for themselves. They decide to get divorced but that is just a plan- when their family know about their plan, everything turns into a big mess. Now, it is a big task for them to save their relationship.

5. Bawaal

Bawaal is a romance action drama movie about a government school teacher who is extremely boastful. He marries a woman because of her outstanding beauty but when he finds out that she is suffering from epilepsy- he withdraws from her. One day he gets into trouble by hitting a boy a powerful man. Now, to improve his image- he decides to take a trip to Europe along with his wife. This trip changes their relationship and clears many misunderstandings among this married couple.

6. Dream Girl 2

It’s a romcom drama that stars Ayushman Khurrana in the lead- that means some social message is also given in the movie- yup! there is a message that you will know only after watching the movie. It shows the story of Karam who falls in love with Pari. This Mathura man is finding ways to earn money to get acceptance from Pari’s father and finding that way turns him into a woman named Pooja. Yes, he becomes a girl who dances in the bar to earn money quickly. However, things take a different turn when many men start taking interest in him – some even wanting to marry Pooja!

Have some more suggestions to add to our list of Best Hindi Romantic movies of 2023? Tell us in the comments.

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