12 Best Hindi Songs for Baby Reels To Make Them Trend

Instagram is filled with all kinds of photos and reels- some are going the extra mile to create unique and creative reels. So, when it comes to showering your love on your baby- why don’t do it on Instagram and show your excitement and love to the world? Confused about the song because you only want to choose the best Hindi songs for baby reels? Worry not! We have chosen some of the best songs for you!

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Baby reels are the best way for parents to show their love for their kids through songs, and reels on social media. While baby photoshoots are all the rage- you can also make your own unique and simple version of that. And then post the creative reel along with a sweet song for your baby. Check out these 12 best Hindi songs for baby reels.

1. Chota Baccha Jaan ke |Masoom

Sung by a little Aditya Narayan, this song was a rage at the time of its release and is still a favorite among the masses. Tell the world that your kid is small but not weak!

2. Bum Bum Bole |Taare Zameen Par

The quirky song that has all the funny lines would go along perfectly with your baby’s playfulness. Record your baby’s best activities and put this song along with that reel- it will definitely get many

3. Chanda Chamke Cham Cham |Fanaa

This tongue twister turned into a famous song that would also help your kid start speaking early (JK!). Though, it is impossible to hear this song on a reel of a baby and not like it.

4. Baapu Haanikarak |Dangal

Want to post a funny but adorable reel that has the baby playing along with their dad? Then this song matches that ‘cool’ vibe perfectly.

5. Lakdi Ki Kaathi |Masoom

The song that never goes out of trend and is the best friend of all the kids on the block! This poem from the superhit classic movie Masoom is such a hit- that you can’t miss it.

6. Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai |Jungle Book

It is the poem that the whole of India loves! It is the song that has the capacity to stop any Instagramer from scrolling and liking your baby reel before moving forward.

7. O Pappad Wale Panga Na Le |Makdee

The song that will fit your child’s loud laughter (and cry as well!)- is a great song for those who seem friendly and extroverted. This is a funny song that truly says, ‘Panga na le!’.

8. Chak Dhoom Dhoom |Dil Toh Pagal Hai

The song with a dash of rain! Is your toddler a dancer? Well, then this song will go along with their dance steps and their happy faces and shiny eyes!

9. Maa |Taare Zameen Par

Do you want to post a reel where you are showing off your motherhood and your bond with the baby? Then there is no song that can beat this soulful song from the movie Taare Zameen Par.

10. Re Mama Re Mama Re |Andaz

This song was sung by the legendary singer Mohammed Rafi and has that evergreen vibe that can wipe off the swag of all the other trendy songs with its smoothness! This song would look great with any cute reel of your baby.

11. Why This Kolaveri Di? |3

Is your baby filled with confidence and energy since the time he/she was born? Yes! So, this song was made for your baby only! Post it along with a video of your baby enjoying life or wearing a trendy costume and consider it already a hit.

12. Sooha Saha |Highway

Sooha Saha is a sweet lullaby from the movie Highway and the best way to show your peaceful baby sleeping with a smile. The song would go with any baby reel and look cute too!

So, have you decided which song to choose from the list of 12 best Hindi songs for baby reels.? Choose fast and make that reel!

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