13 Best Hindi Songs for Garba Nights To Make Them Memorable

Discover the Top Hindi Garba Songs for Navratri Bliss and a celebration you won’t forget!

Navratri is all about celebrating life and the victory of good over evil. The festive spirit is infectious, and it’s a time when people come together to revel in joy and positivity. The music and dance during Navratri is all we look forward to. Whether it’s the beats of the dhol or the energetic Garba moves, it’s a time to let loose and dance with abandon. To make your Dandiya nights even more spectacular, we bring to you our curated playlist of Garba Tracks that will make the dancing nights even more memorable. So put on your vibrant traditional attire and grab your dandiya sticks to dance to these groovy hits!

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1. Dholida | Loveyaatri

Nothing is better than kickstarting your Garba celebration with this upbeat and energetic track for dancing!

2. Nagada Sang Dhol Baje | Ram Leela

A favourite among dance enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like grooving to this all-time popular Garba track.

3. Udi Udi Jaaye | Raees

One of the best Garba songs in Bollywood, this enthusiastic track is all you need to get in the festive mood!

4. Chogada | Loveyaatri

Grab your Dandiya sticks and start dancing along to this peppy hit!

5. Dholi Taro Dhol Baje | Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Every Garba party is incomplete without this traditional and classic number.

6. Kamariya | Mitro

“Kamariya” from “Mitro” is a recent Garba hit, known for its lively beats and dance-worthy tune.

7. Garbe Ki Raat

This song is a popular choice for Garba because of its traditional folk feel and rhythm.

8. Dholida | Gangubai

“Dholida”  is all about high spirits and excitement, making it a great choice for dancing.

9. Odhani | Made In China

A song that mixes old and new elements to create a fresh Garba experience like “Odhani” is all you need for a perfect Garba celebration.

10. Vaagyo Re Dhol | Hellaro

This track is a traditional Garba song that captures the essence of the dance form.

11. Ghoomar | Padmavat

“Ghoomar”  is a beautifully choreographed song, often included in Garba playlists for its grandeur.

12. Rangtaari | Loveyaatri

 This song is a modern Garba gem with lively beats and lyrics that encourage everyone to let loose and dance.

13. Kesariyo

“Kesariyo” is a classic Garba song, loved for its timeless melody and perfect for traditional Garba nights.

Keep these songs close for your next Garba adventure, and may your nights always be filled with dance, laughter, and the beautiful melody of celebration. Until next time, let the Garba rhythms keep your heart dancing!

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