10 Best Hindi Songs for Mirror Selfies That You Should Use


Can’t help loving yourself? Yup, as the Geet from Jab We Met says, ‘Main apni favorite hoon!’, so holds true for all of us, right? Now, if you want to flaunt your flawless personality on Instagram through a mirror selfie- nobody can stop you. Although, we really suggest that a great song could just do wonders for your mirror selfie. A simple mirror selfie can come alive with just a piece of background music added to it. Don’t trust me? Try adding one of the songs that suit your selfie from the below list of 10 best Hindi songs for mirror selfies and tell us the difference.

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1. Kheech Meri Photo | Sanam Teri Kasam

Remember that popular song ‘Kheech Meri Photo’ from the movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’? Well, that catchy song sung by Neeti Mohan is still loved by many. This song is so funky that nobody can ignore your mirror selfie post when they hear this song along with your cool photo!

2. Selfie Le Le Re | Bajrangi  Bhaijaan

This song from the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijan screams the theme of your post-selfie! If you want to have fun with your mirror selfie- then this song composed by Pritam is a perfect choice.

3. Kala Chashmah | Baar Baar Dekho

Kala Chashmah is a song that you can fit anywhere and it will still be liked! This song has got its own swag. And if you want to pull off that ‘Kala Chashmah’ look in your mirror selfie post, this one is made for you!

4. Atak Gaya | Badhaai Do

You would likely have those ‘Atak Gaya’ moments where you fell in love with your skin, face, or maybe figure. That moment when you know you can’t keep your eyes off of yourself! This is for those mirror selfies that are close to nothing but perfection.

5. Kya Baat Haii 2.0 | Govinda Naam Mera

This will bring your mirror selfie alive with its music and lyrics. This remake of the popular song ‘Kya Baat Haii’ is all about boasting your perfect mirror selfie! The lyrics are perfect to literally look in the mirror and say to yourself, Kya Baat Hai!


6. Jhoom (R&B mix) |Ali Zafar

Jhoom became famous- thanks to the social media reels (after 8 years of its release!). The song is wonderful in every sense- Ali Zafar’s romantic voice, beautiful lyrics, and soulful music- if you want your selfie to get more views- this song is a great option.

7. Obsessed |Riar Saab, Abhijay Sharma

This song is the same one that people got obsessed with when Vicky Kaushal danced on it! Yes, the ‘Gaaddiyan Uchiyyan…’ one that you also like, right? This song is apt for any men flaunting their inner ‘Vicky Kaushal’ swag.

8. Rangisaari | Jug Jug Jiyo

This song has got classical voice notes and upbeat music- a rare combo on which you can create a fusion dance reel and post a mirror selfie as well- especially after coming back from the gym!

9. Awargi | Aditya A

Awargi is a song that will remind you of all the happy moments of your life. Just like any other song cover by Aditya A- this too has got the calmness. It could fit in any of your mirror selfie posts easily.

10. Manike | Thank God

Try this song that has got the melodious voice of the Sri Lankan singer Yohani. It is a soothing song that could go with a soothing selfie- a glorious one! This is a remake version of the original song that had all the lyrics in Sinhala- a Sri Lankan language.

Like any of the above choices? Or did you, by any chance, like all the 10 Best Hindi Songs for Mirror Selfies? Do Tell us.

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