10 Best Hindi Songs for Teachers To Show Them Your Gratitude


Teachers are not just the ones who teach us with chalk and a duster—they could be our parents, siblings, sports coaches, mentors in the office and college, and, of course, the ones who taught us our favorite subjects in school! Moreover, you can surprise your school teachers by preparing a chorus song performance, a dance, or a solo song, and show them your love creatively. This way, they will be even prouder of you! However, choosing the best Hindi songs for teachers can be a lengthy task.

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If you are confused about the choice of songs, don’t worry! We have compiled some of the all-time best Bollywood songs that you can dedicate to your teachers and bring a smile to their faces. Check out this list of the 10 best Hindi songs for teachers

1. Aye Khuda | Paathshaala

This melodious song from the movie Paathshala has great lyrics and the song itself is from a movie where a great teacher-student bond is shown!

2. Kholo Kholo Darwaaze | Taare Zameen Par 

This song shows the level of creativity, freedom, and all other things- that a student can achieve with the help of a great teacher. The music and lyrics will give anybody goosebumps- a perfect song for singing for your teachers.

3. Aao Bachcho Tumhe Dikhaye | Jagriti 

This song from the retro movie Jagriti shows how a teacher fills students with values such as empathy, honesty, and a feeling of patriotism. This sweet song is either sung on Independence Day or Teacher’s Day- your teachers will definitely clap for you!

4. Ruk Jana Nahin Tu Kahin Haar Ke | Imtihaan 

The song teaches us the power of resilience- something that all our teachers have taught us. We all are told to never give up and have the feeling of hope alive in our hearts. This new version sung by Prashant Guptha is as refreshing as the classic version.

5. Masterji Ki Aa Gayi Chitthi |Kitaab 

For every Masterji who has naughty kids in their class- this fun classic song from the movie Kitaab is the only choice! The song that will remind all the backbenchers and their bond with their strict teachers!


6. Shukriya | Sadak 2 

Teachers do a lot for us and expect maybe only a little thank you in return. If you haven’t thanked them till now- dedicating this song ‘Shukriya’ from the movie Sadak 2 is the best idea.

7. Ladhkhadaate Hai Hum | Swara Oza 

This beautiful song sung by Swara Oza is dedicated to teachers. You can either sing it or put this as the background track of your Teacher’s Day reel- the best way to make your teachers feel special!

8. Aye Zindagi | Chalk N Duster 

Teachers too live a life away from the school kids and the school premises- we as children often just look at them as the teachers who give us lessons and mark our exam copies! Dedicate this song to all the teachers who amazingly balanced their lives and also taught us.

9. Roshanee | Aarakshan 

This beautiful song sung by Shankar Mahadevan tells us how education and educators are the most important aspects of all our lives- something that we forget as we grow up. Dedicate this song and remind your teachers how they will always remain special for you.

10. Teri Dastaan | Hichki 

If you have a teacher just like Naina ma’am from the movie ‘Hichki’- dedicate this song to them! It is all about showing your love for the teachers who gave you lifelong lessons.

Don’t forget to tell us your creative way of dedicating one of the songs from the above list of best Hindi songs for teachers.

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