10 Best Hollywood Gangster Movies of All Time


Gangster movies have a whole different vibe. It takes commitment to be a fan of gangster movies. No genre has had a greater impact on how the public views criminals than gangster films. The top gangster films have captivated audiences for many years. The criminal gang is the only common theme throughout these movies. Here is a list of the best Hollywood gangster movies that you will love if you are a hardcore criminal movie fan. The movies on this list are unquestionably about gangsters, mafia members, or mobsters.

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1. Once Upon a Time in America

Sergio Leone, the master of the spaghetti western, explores new ground in this crime drama starring Robert DeNiro as David Aaronson. It provides a serious and well-rounded perspective on crime. 

2. Casino

A mafia fighter and a casino executive compete with one another over a gaming empire and a fast-living socialite. It is no doubt one of the best Hollywood gangster movies.

3.  Little Caesar

Little Caesar depicts the tale of a small-time crook who advances through the ranks to become a strong gangster who is eventually hunted down. 

4.  The Departed

This movie is set in South Boston and recasts the Hong Kong crime drama Internal Affairs as a tale centered on a judicial inquiry into the Irish mafia. It mainly focuses on two rats racing to rat one another out.

5.  Scarface

One of the best Hollywood gangster movies is Scarface. A tenacious Cuban immigrant wins control of a cocaine organization in Miami in 1980 before giving in to greed.


6.  The Public Enemy

The Public Enemy chronicles the tale of a small-time mobster who advances up the ranks in Chicago during the Prohibition era, similar to Little Caesar.

7.  The Godfather 

In postwar New York City, the ailing head of an organized criminal family hands over the authority of his shadowy empire to his hesitant youngest son. It is one of the best Hollywood gangster movies.

8.  Boyz N the Hood

In the film, Boyz n the Hood, Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Morris Chestnut portray three young guys who are growing up in South Central Los Angeles.

9.  Bonnie And Clyde

This movie depicted sex and violence, making it one of the most divisive movies ever made. 

10.  The Untouchables

The Untouchables, in which De Niro portrays Al Capone, is the movie’s best portrayal. It is one of the best Hollywood gangster movies.

These were the best Hollywood gangster movies of all time. How many have you already watched?

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