10 Best Korean Movies of 2022 You Must Give A Watch


Watching a Korean film can be a fulfilling experience if you find yourself blown away by the story and attached to the character. They produce the best film in the world, arguably. Since Korean movies are well-written and unpredictable; they are visually appealing and emotionally compelling. Keeping these points in mind, we bring you the best Korean movies of 2022 that you must watch now!

1. The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

A sequel to ‘The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion’, Part 2 follows the same style and continues the story. The premise of the movie follows a girl escaping from the secret experiment laboratory. She meets Kyung Hee who tries to protect her. Overwhelmed by her power, there are people trying to chase her. Written and directed by Park Hoon Jung, the film is currently the fourth- highest-grossing Korean movie of 2022 and is one of the best movies of 2022. 

2. Umma

Written and directed by Iris K. Shim, ‘Umma’ is a supernatural horror film. Soon after her mother’s death, Amanda abandons and cuts ties with her Korean heritage which includes giving up her family name. She’s even mocked by her uncle for not teaching her daughter, Chrissy the Korean language. Amanda resents her Umma for abusing her as a child. She wants to break the cycle of bad parenting. Will she be able to do that after experiencing a series of paranormal events, where she’s possessed by Umma’s spirit? 

3. Yaksha: Ruthless Operation

The film is set in Shenyang, China, focused on the leader of a black ops team (Yaksha) and a prosecutor (Han Ji Hoon) whose position is demoted to that of a member of the team. Directed by Na Hyeon, ‘Yaksha: Ruthless Operations’ is an entertaining spy, action thriller. As justice is one of the central themes of the movie, Yaksha, and Ji Hoon both have opposing viewpoints when it comes to defending justice. 

4. Alienoid

In 2022, we got crime, horror, paranormal, and psychological movies. What was left? A fantasy. Written and Directed by Choi Dong Hoon, ‘Alienoid’ is an action and laughter-packed, science fantasy film. Set in the Goryeo Dynasty, swordsmen battle to seize the divine sword. But in 2022, alien prisoners are being chased by swordsmen locked inside human bodies. A time door appears between the present-day Earth and the Goryeo Dynasty. 

5. The Round Up

Based on the story of Yoon Cheol wan, a suspect of serial kidnapping and murder went missing. ‘The Round Up’ is directed by Lee Sang Yong and is a crime action film. Set four years after the operations in Garibong- dong, detective Ma Seok Duk needs to head to Vietnam to chase the suspect back to Korea. A sequel to the 2017 film ‘The Outlaws’, ‘The Round Up’ became the highest-performing South Korean film since COVID-19 and is the top-grossing film of 2022. 


6. Love and Leashes

Directed by Park Hyun Jin, ‘Love Leashes’ is based on a webtoon called ‘Moral Sense’ by Gyeoul. Coworkers engaged in contractual relationships, pleasure and pain which has never felt good before. Jung Ji Woo and Jung Ji Woo get into a three-month contractual relationship only because of a mixed package promising each other’s demands. 

7. 2037

The human drama film directed by Mo Hong Jin is centered around female inmates portraying the struggle of adult females, who wish to give hope to a teenager coping with a life-changing event. In Spite of Yoon Young’s good heart and sincere intentions, unexpected incidents drive her to prison and is called inmate 2037 instead of Yoon Young. Her inmates offer her a hand of hope through their own experiences. 

8. Broker

Selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, ‘Broker’, presents baby boxes dropping off infants anonymously and leaving them with others to be cared for. Sang Hyeon and Dong Soo run an illegal business together. They occasionally steal babies from the church boxes and sell them for adoption. When a young mother comes back for her baby, she discovers them and wishes to interview the baby’s potential parents. Meanwhile, the detectives are on a hunt. 

9. The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

A sequel to the 2014 film, ‘The Pirates, the second part is a 2022 period adventure film. The film features the adventures of the pirates, searching for the missing royal treasure in the sea. Set in the Goryeo royal family, the pirates are up against Bu Heung Su in search of the lost treasure. It’s the 8th highest-grossing Korean film of 2022. 

10. Emergency Declaration

Jin Seok, a disgruntled biologist is holding the passengers of a commercial airliner hostage with a deadly virus. Despite the fact that the film isn’t based on real events it still gives real vibes in a very anxious manner. Written and Directed by Han Jae Rim, the movie was initially released in July 2021 at Cannes Film Festival, however, the movie got released in theaters on 3rd August, 2022 in South Korea. 

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Give them a chance by watching some of these best Korean movies of 2022. There is so much original and high-quality content to be found in South Korean cinema that the U.S can only dream of.

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