17 Best Placards In IPL Matches That Are Totally Eye-Catching

IPL, the Indian Premier League is one of the most awaited events in cricket and is a festival in itself. One of the most important components of this festival is definitely the fans who come out in large numbers to support their favorite teams and watch matches in the stadium. Sometimes, these fans take the spotlight with some humorous and funny placards that are just so eye-catching that you cannot ignore them. in this article, we have got you some of the most hilarious and eye-catching placards in IPL matches that the fans of the game have brought with them.

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1.) Too Hard To Find A Flat In Bangalore Leaves This Guy With No Other Choice

2.) The Yellow Placard In The Back Just Adds To The Fun 

3.) We All Are Watching CSK Just For Him Just Like This Girl

4.) She’ll Be Unmarried Forever Just Like Salman Bhai!

5.) For This Guy’s Future’s Sake Pandya Got Out Early

6.) Dhoni’s Decision-Making So Good Magic 8-Ball Ask Him What To Do

7.) Now That’s The Best Way To Skip Schooling Altogether

8.) I Wish We Saw This Rain And Not The One We Got In Ahmedabad At The Finals

9.) IDK If He Is Die-Hard KKR Fan Or Ragulla Fan

10.) EE Saala Bhi Cup Nahi

11.) Kohli Finally Ended The Wait Just Because Of This

12.) Now That’s Some Dedication By CSK Fans

13.) Waiting For The Next Season When They’ll Have To Change The Poster As Punjab Changes The Whole Team

14.) This Guy Is Making The Right Choices In Life

15.) Heart Goes Out To Jaddu Who Had To Go Through All This – Everyone Wanted Him To Get Out Even His Own Fans

16.) Hitman For A Reason

17.) IPL Can Also Be Used For Public Messages Like These

We hope you enjoyed seeing these hilarious placards that IPL fans entertained us with during the course of the IPL. With that, we come to the end of this article, comment down your favorite placard from these, till then adios!

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