14 Best IPL Promo Ads That Will Make You Nostalgic

Before every IPL season, TV ad breaks are flooded with IPL promo ads that proclaim the beginning of the next season. Some of these ads are however etched in our memory and even evoke nostalgic feelings. So here is a list of the best IPL promo ads throughout the years that will make you nostalgic.

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1.) IPL 2008 – Cricket Ka Mahayudh

When IPL started in 2008 no one knew how successful and entertaining it would eventually become. This promo ad brilliantly set up the first season of the IPL and ignited excitement for the tournament.

2.) IPL 2008 – Manoranjan Ka Baap

This promo ad was quite creative and had a good play of words which made it hilarious and cheeky to watch. Mano and Ranjan are 2 kids who are waiting for their ‘Baap’ to come back. Obviously, the ‘Baap’ of. has to be Mano-Ranjan the IPL.

3.) IPL 2009 – Divided By Nations United By IPL

This beautiful ad summarises what IPL stands for and showcases the theme of India’s unity in diversity. It talks about how people in different parts of the country support players which they wouldn’t have normally, because they play for their particular city franchise.

4.) IPL 2010 – Saare Jahan Se Accha

All your favorite IPL captains walking on a red carpet in the middle of a stadium filled with fans singing Saare Jahan Se Accha. This could give anyone goosebumps.

5.) IPL 2011 – Bharat Bandh

This series of ads was really smart to show how important IPL can be for viewers.

6.) IPL 2012 – IPL Carnival

IPL is truly an Indian summer carnival and this promo ad best showed that. The background music of ‘eena meena deeka’ and the carnival setting provide a very retro carnival mood and the ad displays the top qualities of star players.

7.) IPL 2012 – Aisa Mauka Kaha Milega

IPL promos those years used to feature these amazing songs and all these songs are now nostalgic for all of us who used to watch IPL as a kid.

The comments for this video best express the feelings these old promos now generate.

8.) IPL 2013 – Jumping Japak

This IPL promo ad gave us one of the most memorable songs and has become nostalgic for most of us. This ad and the song was funny and whacky and was appropriate for generating excitement for the 2013 season.

9.) IPL 2014 – Come On Bulawa Aaya Hai 

This song became so resonant I remember we use to sing it in school days. That aside this ad also captured the IPL fan’s emotion of excitement to watch an IPL match.

10.) IPL 2015 – India Ka Tyohaar

This song is just too nostalgic, just listening to this song brings all the memories of my school summer break back. This song best encapsulates the festive ambiance that IPL brings. However, watching this promo makes me wonder what Navjot Singh Sidhu might be up to these days.

11.) IPL 2016 – Pistah 

In 2016, IPL saw the introduction of 2 new teams, this ad was thus efficient in introducing us two them. The high-octane Pistah song playing in the background, this ad too is very nostalgic.

12.) IPL 2016 – Ek India HappyWala

This promo song is also etched in the minds of many fans. However, the best part of this ad was it also brought home some thoughtful messages in some ads and talked about spreading happiness.

13.) IPL 2018 – Best vs Best

Probably my favorite in the last, this ad can also give goosebumps. IPL 2018 was special as it saw the return of CSK back after it was banned for 2 years, and this promo justified that excitement.

14.) IPL 2019 – Game Banega Name

11 years after the IPL, its biggest contribution has been the young players it has given to the game of cricket. This ad effectively showcases that emotion. Only your true merit and your ‘game’ will help you rise.

So that’s all the amazing IPL promo ads we got for you which I’m sure must have made you nostalgic. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and don’t forget to share it with your friends, til then adios!

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