10 Best Raksha Bandhan Ads That Will Take You Down The Memory Lane

There are so many relationships in the world that are irreplaceable but the brother-sister bond stands out. Do you know why? Because it is effortless. You never try to impress the other person here. You can be you. You don’t have to put your best face on every day and still, your siblings won’t mind. There are literally no obligations, no demands! Of course, it comes with a hell lot of complaints and fights and wanting to kill each other at times but that’s all in jest. No one can protect you and not care about you at the same time as your siblings do. With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, we bought some Raksha Bandhan Ads that will take you back to the memory lanes of childhood:

1. Cadbury Celebrations Rakhi TV ad

This was an old advertisement by Cadbury that perfectly captured the sibling bond. A fun and sweet ad where the brother and sister try to be mischievous but are halted by their father. Turns out this festival changes everyone.

2. Idea Cellular – Happy Raksha Bandhan Ad

This advertisement from Idea Cellular seems like a genuine and kind gesture from a girl who ties Rakhi on the traffic controller’s wrist but we sure got an ‘idea’ on how to save ourselves next time we break a signal!

3. Cadbury Celebrations- Raksha Bandhan (40 Sec)

One of our favorite ads, this clip shows the true bond between siblings. The way the brother calls her ‘jagrate wali’ and she in turn ties a childish rakhi on his wrist is exactly what siblings would do. But finally, this young boy shows how much he loves his sister with this heartwarming gesture:

4. Amazon India – #DeliverTheLove

This is one of the most meaningful and emotional Raksha Bandhan ads we came across. The value of love always transcends the value of objects. A sweet and simple gesture can mean more than elaborate gifts and this ‘dadi’ explains this so easily:

5. Tanishq – #SIstersByChoice

Raksha Bandhan is not just about brothers and sisters but also about the special people these brothers and sisters bring into your life. Yes, a sister-in-law becomes as important as your sibling and a part of your family. This relationship is quite different yet similar. Watch this video to understand this special bond:

6. Amazon India- #DeliverTheLove 

No one prepares you for one of the most challenging things in your life- leaving your sibling behind and moving forward in life. How you do stay away from a person you spend every waking hour with? BRB, Need to call my sibling:

7. Schmitten Moments

This advertisement is what being practical and progressive means. Taking care of your younger sister or being protective of her does not mean controlling her. Your responsibilities as a big brother is to help her move forward and not pull her back:

8. Tanishq – #CelebrateEverySister

This was such a beautiful amalgamation of two types of sisters- one who takes care of you at home and the other who takes care in the hospital. The fact that nurses also called sisters in India, have almost all the qualities of a real sister is what the ad shows and it is portrayed in the best possible way:

9. Cadbury Dairy Milk – Raksha Bandhan Ad

It’s funny how brothers won’t tell you or even show you how much they love you but their efforts do. Saving up pocket money to buy chocolates for his sister, then being mean to her on Raksha Bandhan and fighting for the same chocolates all the while vowing to protect her is something only a brother can do:

10. Asian Paints- Ek Hazaaro Mein, Tera Kona hai

All these fights for having the room to yourself and finally getting it after your sister gets married, only to miss her when she is gone. Brothers might not admit but they want their sisters more than the room!

This was our take on some really heartwarming Raksha Bandhan Ads that will make you miss your brothers and sisters. We take them for granted most of the time but this time of the year is so special that it makes up for everything. A bond that we will cherish for life!

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