22 Best Scam 2003 Dialogues That Stole The Show

The Scam series began with India’s all-time favorite show, “Scam 1992,” which featured Hansal Mehta’s excellent direction, a gripping storyline, catchy music, and Pratik Gandhi’s convincing acting. All of these elements worked wonders and delivered a show that comes around only once in a while! Now, “Scam 2003” is here with another thrilling scam story that promises to give us a goosebump-inducing experience. “Scam 2003: The Telgi Story” is also receiving praise (though not as much as the first one) for some of its applaudable and memorable Scam 2003 dialogues.

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The Telgi story revolves around the life of Abdul Karim Telgi, a Karnataka-born individual who initially began with forging school and college documents but later embarked on the audacious path of forging stamp papers, ultimately scamming over 30,000 crores from right under the nose of the Indian government! With that in mind, let’s delve into the 22 best dialogues from “Scam 2003.

1. Naam hi kaafi hai!
“Kya naam tha…Tha nahi madam hai Abdul…Abdul Karim Telgi”

2. When he caught hold of the heart of the Indian economy…
“Agar desh ki arthvyavastha kuber ka khazana hai…toh stamp paper uski chabi hai.”

3. Telgi’s language is profit!
“Jaise aap kayde ki bhasha samjhte ho na, vaise me fayde ki bhasha samajhta hu.”

4. Confidence is the key…
“Savings account me confidence jama karake rakha hai Maine, cash bhi aa jayega.”

5. Celebrating the starting of a scam worth 30,000 crore!
“Mubarak ho, baap ban gye aap…stamp paper paida hua hain.”

6. What do you think…is he right?
“Mere ko paise kamane ka koi shauk nahi hai…kyuki paisa kamaya nahi banaya jaata hai.”

7. Let’s all try completing his sentence!
“Sab mein aur mere mein bahut farak hain. Main Khiladi aur tu…”

8. He didn’t need any business management classes to learn all the tactics of business.
“Jis din aapne samne wale ki zaroorat samajh li aapne dhanda samajh liya.”

9. The Lion King…
“Sher akele shikar karta hai aur khata hai, lekin lakkadbhagge jhund me rehte hain.”

10. Who is the God? I am…
“System me rehke khud ka system banayenge.”

11. Risk is inevitable in business and…scam.
“Apni yeh tedi line me na, much aur ho na ho, agar aage badhna hau to risk toh lena padega na darling.”

12. When the bigger fish is not yet caught…
“Abhi prasad se kam chala lo, milega aashirwad bhi milega.”

13. Fair enough…
“Mere ko cheenti ki jaise nahi, cheete ke jaise tez bhagna hai.”

14. When you are smarter than the system!
“Ek aisa idea, jisse kanoon ke lambe hath, mere hath me hath dalke chalne wale the.”

15. But everyone knows now!
“33000 crore ke halwe me se ek chammach chura bhi  liya to kisi ko kya maloom padega.”

16. He outsmarts everyone in even dialogues!
“Tu batting pe dhayan de na, score board pe nazar hai meri.”

17. The predictability of everything…
“Ye mehenga sauda aajka, kalko jake bohot sasta lagega aapko.”

18. The best scheme…
“Majboori me usko Mahatma banaya, aur apna kaam nikalwaya.”

19. The future is really unpredictable…isn’t it?
“Bhangar me hi bhavishya chipa hua hai.”

20. He is witty, smart…and knows how to rhyme too!
“Kismat footi sar foota, fir bhi nahi maloom aapko kisne loota?”

21. When you know that a bigger scam on on the way…
“Kabhi kabhi milne wali cheez se dhanda nahi chalta.”

22. That quality of a scammer is worth learning…
“Main aage badhta gaya, kyuki mehnat mujhe sone nahi deti thi, aur kuch karne ka junoon mereko zinda rakhta that.”

The series is still streaming as one of the top shows on Sony LIV  and if you haven’t watched it- go watch it now! Also, don’t forget to tell us your favorite line from the above 22 best Scam 2003 dialogues.

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