13 Top Telugu Comedy Movies With The Best LOL Moments

Bollywood has a fine stock of comedy movies that have kept us entertained for quite some time now. But what if I tell you that some of these movies are remakes of the best South Indian movies? No, you did not misread the previous line. Some of the finest Hindi comedy movies are taken from South Indian movies that most Indians haven’t watched. Imagine if the remakes are so entertaining, how entertaining the original ones would be! And we can’t even get started on the other South Indian comedy movies we must have missed out on! To get you started, we are here with a list of the 13 Best Telugu Comedy Movies that will not fail to make you laugh.

1. Aha naa-pellanta

A 1987 film, Aha Naa-pellanta has proven to be an evergreen comedy that is liked by people of all age groups. It is a classic family drama starring Brahmanandam, Srihari, Rajendra Prasad and Rajani Praveen that guarantees laughter. The plot revolves around how a man uses funny tactics to be able to win over a miser’s daughter. It is one of those movies that will make you laugh every time you watch it. It is available to watch for free on youtube.

2. Ashta Chamma

Ashta Chamma is a simple movie with an amusing plot. Despite being the debut film of the main leads, the movie received wide appreciation for Nani and Swathi Reddy’s performances. The humour and wit in the movie are adapted from Oscar Wilde’s play- The Importance of Being Earnest. The movie deals with how a fangirl of Mahesh Babu marries a namesake and finds herself in distress when she finds out that her husband’s real name is in fact not Mahesh. It is a light-hearted watch which is perfect if you want to have a good time with your family!

3. Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav 

Starring Aarthi Aggarwal, Daggubatti Venkatesh and Flora Saini among others, Nuvvu naaku Nachav is a Telugu romantic comedy with the best dialogue. The plot is subtle and cute and is taken to a whole new level with the witty dialogue and its perfect delivery. It follows our very favourite friends-to-lovers trope with comedic turns here and there that will surely keep you entertained throughout.  It is an excellent romantic comedy that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

4. Kick 

Yes, this one is the original Kick from which the Hindi Kick was adapted. The Telugu Kick released in 2009 stars Ravi Teja and Ileana D’cruz in the lead role. It is an action comedy that also deals with a twisted love story. It is considered to be one of the funniest movies in the Telugu film industry which also sends an inspiring message of how one should do what makes them happy. It is available on Youtube.

5. Aa Okati Adakku 

You don’t often get to see a movie that aims to convey a serious message in a playful and funny manner. Aa okati adakku does exactly that. The movie, starring Rambha, Rajendra Prasad and Rao Gopal Rao does exactly that. It beautifully showcases the differences in mannerisms of various classes of society through a comical plot. It contains wit and is the perfect watch if you want to have a burst of hearty laughter. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

6. Ready 

YES! Another OG movie that we might have missed out on. The Hindi Ready too was a hit but we need to give credit where it’s due. This Ready stars Ram Pothinenni and Genelia D’souza in the lead roles along with Brahmanandan who managed to steal the limelight in this one. (Truly, is any South Indian comedy movie complete without Brahmanandan?) The story narrates the tale of a family trying their best to resolve a dispute to aid a blooming love story. Telugu Ready is available on Amazon Prime.

7. Maryada Ramanna

Maryada Ramanna is again a 2010 Telugu movie that has been remade in Hindi with the name Son Of Sardar. While Son of Sardar might have failed the Indian Audience, Maryada Ramanna is considered one of the biggest family entertainers. It is recognized for its direction by S.S. Rajamouli (Yes, the director who gave us RRR and Baahubali). The plot is a mix of romance, comedy, action and drama which has proven to be a recipe for success in Indian cinema. You can watch Maryada Ramanna on Hotstar.

8. Malliswari 

Starring Katrina Kaif in the titular role, Malliswari is a movie like no other. It is once again an amusing romantic comedy with an unusual plot that will keep you entertained throughout. It has Daggubatti Venkatesh opposite Katrina Kaif which makes for an interesting love story. The male lead finds himself in trouble after he comes to know that his lover is a rich heiress who is on a hitlist.

9. Jamba Lakidi Pamba 

The 1993 movie again is a timeless classic in the comedy genre in the Telugu film industry. It follows an unparallelled plot where a woman reverses the roles of men and women with a magical herb. The chaos that then ensues is worth a watch. It’s filled with humour and is one of the best Telugu comedy movies of all time. You will find yourself wanting to go back to watch the movie again and again. It was also remade under the same name in 2018. The original movie can be watched for free on youtube.

10. Thotti Gang

Thotti Gang is a testament that true friends will go to any lengths to get you back. The 2002 movie stars Allari Naresh, Prabu Dheva, Gajala, Sunil and Anita Hassanandani and is a full-on entertainer. It revolves around how a group of best friends try to save one of their friends from a relationship by abducting his high school sweetheart. It is a straight-up comedy flick- ideal if you wanna wind down after a tiring week in the office.

11. Idiot

Idiot is a romantic comedy starring Ravi Teja, Rakhsita and Prakash Raj and is directed by Puri Jagannadh. Although the romantic element of the movie is more dominant, the comedy scenes too have a separate fanbase. The movie is a beautiful portrayal of what true love is and is also poignant to some extent. It is a fun and spectacular family watch. Idiot is available to watch on Hotstar.

12. Venky 

This Telugu comedy movie also contains the right amount of mystery which will take you through a series of emotions. Known for its comedic timing, the movie deals with how a group of friends ends up getting involved in a double murder mystery on a train. The movie stars Sneha, Ravi Teja and Brahmanandam among others, and is considered to be one of the Best Telugu comedy movies by the audience.

13. Shankar Dada MBBS 

As opposed to what we saw in the above examples, this movie is in fact a remake of the Hindi film Munna Bhai MBBS. Both films proved to be massive hits for their target audiences. It was an all-time blockbuster. Watch both renditions to maximise fun and have the time of your life!

These were a few Telugu comedy movies that had us rolling on the floor laughing. Let us know which one you liked the most! Until next time!

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