6 Best Turkish Dramas of 2023 That Will Stay With You Forever

Turkish dramas have fascinated the world with their charming storyline and equally swoon-worthy actors! And not to forget the appealing landscape, their culture, and the whole cinematography. The actors show a plethora of emotions and the interpersonal relationships are just top-notch. And are already gloating over your K-drama list- wait till you watch the infectious Turkish dramas! The year 2023 has given many new, refreshing, and much more pleasant Turkish dramas than we hoped for. Take a look at the names of these 6 best Turkish dramas of 2023 so far that will stay with you forever.

Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles

1. What If You Love Too Much/ Ya Çok Seversen

It is a fun and lighthearted romantic comedy show about Ateş, a distrustful young man who had left his family home and attended boarding school after his mother’s demise. And Leyla, a young attractive woman who pays the hospital bills of a person she is connected with, by conning people. While one is staying away from family on purpose, the other is trying to find her family- how will they meet and what will happen to their lives?

2. The Queen / Kraliçe

It is a high-intensity drama that shows a woman- Deniz happily living with her family and famous footballer husband. But a scandal about his husband’s infidelity is spread in the media, on the other hand, Deniz’s father dies leaving a huge debt on her head. Now, she has to take care of her family, herself, and all the mess that is created. The show has many emotional twists and turns that will keep you hooked till the end!

3. Donence 

It is a Turkish drama based on the award-winning Israeli series- Exceptional. It is about a girl Gece, who already has plans to go to Istanbul and create music with her lover Emir. But destiny had other plans for her- she had to go back to her family in Foca- where she finds a mature and handsome man- Ozgur- she learns a lot from him and he too changes his perspective on life after meeting Gece. But when Emir arrives in Foca-what will happen to these 3 lovers?

English Dubbed Turkish Dramas

4. Who Are We Running From?/ Biz Kimden Kaçiyorduk Anne?

It is a thriller drama about a mother who roams around everywhere in a black dress and black sunglasses along with her teenage daughter. Strangely, she calls her daughter, ‘Bambi’ whom she tells that one day they will stop roaming and find their own happy place. But what about the dead bodies they leave behind whenever they leave a place? What strange mystery are they hiding? This thriller series sounds like a must-watch!

5. Shahmaran/ Şahmaran

It is a rendition of the ancient legend of the queen of snakes. Shahsu is a young woman who works at a local university and when she meets her next-door neighbor- the charming prince Maran- she starts falling for him. Except, there are some secrets of the Maran family including their practices of worshipping an ancient deity. What are the Maran’s hiding and is her love for the charming- a good sign or something strange is in store for her? Only you can watch and tell!

6. No Trust in The Man / EGO – Erkege Güven Olmaz

It is an emotional drama that entertains us but also teaches us to be more open and understanding towards each other. The show revolves around a young, confident career woman who manages a successful business. Everything was working according to her wishes, until one day when she learned that she had to get pregnant now or she would lose that ability. She contacts donors and finds a person who she would pay a large to spend three days. The man finds this suitable opportunity to pay off his debts but- he loves his fiance dearly. A lot of complex emotions in the show!

So, planning a bingeing session this weekend? Tell us your choice from the above list of the 6 best Turkish dramas of 2023 so far.

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