12 Best Villains from Hindi Web Series That Deserve All The Praise


Indian web series has given us some really memorable characters whom we love. They are the perfect heroes and the main character of the show. But a hero won’t exist without a villain. A villain is why a hero becomes a hero. Also while the main character gets all the praise, the villains are subjected to all the hatred but if you hate the villain character that means that the actor has done a great job. And they need appreciation. Let us look at some of the best villains from Hindi web series:

1. Vishesh Bansal as Shubh Joshi | Asur | 2020
They say the best villains are the ones that can even scare the audience. This villain is not some over-the-top hulk but a young boy but his performance was enough to give us the chills. The portrayal of this enigmatic villain who recites shlokas and goes on a murderous spree. Vishesh Bansal as a young Shubh gave an amazing performance.

2. Abhishek Banerjee as Hathoda Tyagi | Paatal Lok | 2020

We aren’t surprised by the fact that the character of Hathoda Tyagi was a turning point in actor Ahishek Banerjee’s life. The way he embraced the role of Tyagi was marvellous. This dark character sure sent chills down our spine.

3. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde | Sacred Games | 2018

A negative character who is actually the main character. Ganesh Gaitonde’s life and his approach to the same to make it better by any means is what makes Sacred Games. Almost all the epic dialogues are from Gaitonde- Kabhi Kabhi lagta hai, apun hi bhagwan hai. Of course, these dialogues are made epic by Nawaz’s delivery!

4. Gulshan Devaiah as Atmaram | Guns And Gulaabs | 2023

Although it has been less than a week since the release of Guns and Gulaabs, Gulshan Devaiah’s character is quite talked about and people are loving his edgy performance as Atmaram. Another villain is in line to become people’s favourite.

5. Neeraj Madhav as Moosa | Family Man Season 1 | 2019

The character with the most interesting twist, Moosa was the actual underdog of the show. The character, the acting and the story, everything was perfect just like Neeraj Madhav’s acting.

6. Bobby Deol as Baba Nirala | Aashram | 2020

Bobby Deol’s career-best performance could be as Baba. The way he portrayed the shrewd man was impeccable. Although controversial, Bobby’s character gained a lot of praise for his acting.


7. Divyendu Sharma as Munna Tripathi | Mirzapur | 2018

When the villain is loved more than the hero, you know the character is strong and the actor did justice to the character. Munna Bhaiya and his iconic ways made Mirzapur what it is today.

8. Samantha Akkineni as Rajji Family Man Season 2 |  2021

Samantha in her avatar as Rajji was really a treat to watch. The way she transformed herself for the role was amazing. Also, the way Rajji’s character always had some mystery about herself keeps the viewers hooked.

9. R. Madhavan as Danny | Breathe | 2018

Seeing R. Madhavan portray the role of Danny with such flawless acting, makes us have more faith in his versatility. A father would go to any lengths for his son just like Danny. He is a grey character who is a villain but you still root for him.

10. Surya Sharma as Rinku | Undekhi | 2020

The character carries out various morally repugnant deeds in order to keep his uncle (Harsh Chhaya) out of prison after the latter kills a dancer out of sheer arrogance. So is he actually a negative character or just a person who wants his loved ones safe? A very grey character that is portrayed flawlessly by Surya Sharma.

11. Aamir Bhasir as Yashwardhan Patil | Inside Edge | 2017

A great web series that deserves more recognition. The whole plot here was actually based on villains. But Yashwardhan Patil aka Bhaisahab stands out. This power-hungry villain who will go to any lengths is a very believable villain especially the portrayal by Aamir Bhasir.

12. Amit Sial as Brajesh Bhan | Jamtara | 2020

Firstly, how aptly Amit Sial plays the role of a corrupt politician every time. Jamtara was no different. This self-obsessed good-for-nothing politician trope was performed amazingly by Amit Sial.

This was our take on the best villains from the Hindi web series. Let us know your favourite in the comment section.


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