20 Bollywood Dialogues About Friendship That Give You Major Goals


Even though most Bollywood movies seem to focus on love and relationships (ironic for a country aggressively against love marriages, IMHO), every once in a while comes along a movie that gives you major friendship goals. While that treasured Manali-Kasol trip might not be a reality for most of us thanks to the pandemic, at least we can look at these Bollywood dialogues about friendship and hope for better travel plans in 2021.


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1. The best kind of relationships.

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2. Friendship doesn’t require pleasantries.

3. Are they really your friends if they can’t be themselves around you?

4. A small circle is a happy circle.

5. Photographs are gateways to memories.

6. Satyavachan.

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7. Friendship doesn’t care about the God you worship.

8.The older the friends, the better the times.

9. Sometimes, all you need is a true friend.

10. Dosti badhaane ke nuskhe.


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11. There are no empty words in a true friendship.

12. How’d you have a good time with no friends?

13. True friends are hard to find.

14. The first step to love.

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15. A good friend won’t teach you self-destructive behaviour.

16. If every moment of your friendship is a challenge, they’re not your friend.

17. Friends know when to lend you support, and when to give you space.

18. If you find a good friend, treasure them.

19. Make new friends, but never forget the old ones.

20. College Friends! 

Did we miss out any of your favourite Bollywood dialogues about friendship? Comment below to let us know!

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