20 Best Dialogues From How I Met Your Mother To Live By

How I Met Your Mother is one of the best comedy shows of all time. From carefree Barney to romantic Ted, all the characters in this show did some amazing work. It had some of the best dialogues on television, both in terms of comedy and sincere expressions. There are times to laugh and times to feel sad. Over the course of its nine seasons, the show provided us with unforgettable and instantly famous lines that spanned from hilarious one-liners to heartfelt marital counseling. We are already in love with this show and after reading these Best dialogues from How I Met Your Mother we are sure that you will be in love with it too.

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1. Life is unpredictable. You look for good but find the best instead.

2. Because Karma knows its job very well and who are we to have revenge fantasies?

3. Ultimately, there comes a time when we need to handle our own issues and that is when we enter the real world.

4. Do good because that is the only thing that matters in life.

5. Because the journey is more important than the destination!

6. After a breakup, some people can recover quickly, while others need longer to get over a bad breakup and that is absolutely fine.

7. Because context is all that matters!

8. Clinging on to the past is easy, but that is not what takes you forward in life.

9. The classic Robin we all love and adore!

10. Holding on to people is so important in life.

11. Who does not love surprises? Everybody does! But sadly married couples don’t get surprises too often.

12. Because life is uncertain and we can not predict anything. It’s always better to go with the flow!

13. That is why we need best friends in life. For all the support, love, and motivation even if we are wrong!

14. Making mistakes in life are so important, but people usually forget it and confuse it with failure. But the truth is more mistakes you make, the more grow in life.

15. And that is a golden rule everybody should be knowing!

16. Barney is the classic ‘Barney Stinson’ and we are in love with him!

17. Not knowing what you want and where is life taking you is absolutely OKAY!!

18. That’s amazing how Barney is so straightforward and does not find anything wrong with lying!

19. Because why wait for sex if you are Barney Stinson!

20. And that is life! You go for something, but find something else instead!

These were some of the Best dialogues from How I Met Your Mother. Let us know which one you like the most.

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