9 Best Dialogues From ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ Movie


It is a sci-fi romantic comedy movie that surprised us in 2024- a fresh movie with a twist of a robot! Directed by Amit Joshi, and Aradhana Sah, the movie is about Aryan a young man who cannot find a perfect life partner for himself. While working in the US, he meets Sifra, whom he believes to be the love of his life. Next thing we know, he brings her back home to introduce her to his family. However, later he finds out that his love is impossible as Sifra is not a normal woman but a humanoid robot. This movie has got mixed reactions from both the viewers as well as the critics. But, we would say- a nice try and a one-time entertainer! And, not to forget, this Shahid Kapoor-Kriti Sanon starrer has got many interesting dialogues. Let’s check out them!


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1. When you take a joke literally…
“Aaj toh lag raha hai poori Delhi mein aag laga degi tu.”
“Kya aap chahti hain mein poori Delhi mein aag laga doon?”
“Nahi, nahi Sifra, woh raise hi mazak kar rahi hain.”

2. Love is blind!
“Mere mann mein Sifra ke liye feelings develop ho gayi hain.
Aur yeh janne ke baad bhi ki woh robot hai woh ja nahi rahi hain.”

3. Robots can ask deep questions too…
“Ek baat puchu? Robot hona buri baat hai kya?”

4. You just took words out of my mouth…
“Abe ye robot kaise ho sakti hai yaar?”


5. Ab phone ki tarah isko bhi charge karna padega…
“Maasi isko doctor ke paas like chalte hain.”
“Iski battery dead hai time lagega charge hone mein.”

6. Just your everyday family gossip…
“Ye dono haaton se khana bana leti hai?”
“America se hai na.”

7. Now, that could be a real thing…
“Hi Sharmila”
“Yeh mujhe naam se kyun bula rahi hai?
“Mummy yeh America se haina, dheere dheere sab seekh jayegi.”

8. Just say yes!
“Sifra will you marry me?”
“Is that possible?”

9. She has got a full Hindi dictionary installed in her system bro!
“I’m impressed, tumhare koi tante nahi hai?
“Tante matlab?”
“Tante like Hindi slang for nakhre.”

Have you watched the movie yet? You can watch the trailer here!

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