10 Best Documentaries on Climate Change You Must Watch

Are you one of those who care about our planet and want to gain more insight into global warming and its far-reaching impact on our survival? Then there are some documentaries that are perfect for your watch! We have compiled a list of all the thought-provoking documentaries that are helping us know about the ill effects of climate change and ways to reduce it. Here are some of the best Documentaries on Climate Change

1. 2040

This movie will get you thinking about why we need solutions to combat climate change. The climate-change-based documentary 2040 was created by the filmmaker Damon Gameau. He went on a global tour to find innovative solutions and ways in which we can tackle the rising issue of climate change. The new and inspiring ideas and technologies were so capturing that one would actually like to follow the ideas and understand the vision of 2040 from the eyes of Gameau. This movie teaches us the lesson of sustainability and why the future earth would need it. Check out the trailer on YouTube.

2. Our Planet

This 2019 documentary named ‘Our Planet’ will take you on a mesmerizing journey of the planet Earth and introduce you to some of the most remarkable ecosystems of our planet! The focus, though, is on the issue of climate change. It is a series that provides us with knowledge about the problems that the planet is facing and how our ecosystems are getting affected. The documentary is just full of beauty and breathtaking shots while also reminding and warning us of an urgent need to conserve our dear planet. Watch the documentary showing the urgent need for conservation on Netflix that is narrated by the iconic artist David Attenborough.

3. Lowland Kids

It is a documentary that shows the emotional journey of two teenagers who fight to protect their ancestral home which is one Isle de Jean Charles. This documentary is a creative way to show how climate change can be destructive and cruel toward some vulnerable communities. This is a perfect way to tell a way in which an intimate story can be told in a way that the viewers can get educated about those sitting in a faraway place from us. Watch it on the filmmaker’s website, Sandra Winther.

4. Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral is a stunning documentary that will take you on an underwater adventure and will unravel the mystery behind the disappearing coral reefs. This documentary is visually extraordinary because of some blue water and the inside world of the ocean that looks as surreal as any fantasy movie! The documentary shows coral bleaching and its implications for marine ecosystems. It is the best way to know about the need for coral reef conservation. Stream it on Netflix.

5. The Condor and the Eagle

The documentary about the Indigenous environmental leader and their inspiring journey to help heal their world for the betterment of their community- Yup this documentary is really cool! It teaches you the harsh truth of climate shift and other damages that we are bringing to our world and the way these communities of North and South America are doing together that help our planet Earth that most other more advanced people are unable to either understand or take steps towards! Check out the trailer on Films for Action’s website.

6. Kiss the Ground

This movie explores the various ways in which the climate is changing on Earth. Through interviews with farmers, scientists, and activists this documentary tries to highlight the potential of regenerative agriculture. This solution is one of the most innovative ways to bring a solution to climate change. It also tells us how restoring soil health can mitigate climate change and promote sustainable farming practices. The transformative journey of regenerative agriculture can really bring about a huge change in our environment. Want to know how? Stream “Kiss the Ground” on Netflix.

7. How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change

The filmmaker Josh Fox shows the way climate change has impacted our planet. And to do that he personally travelled across 12 countries to show the real and unfiltered face of climate shift. The documentary “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change” will show you resilience, hope, despair, and the human spirit of surviving through everything. The movie will leave you introspecting the need to address environmental challenges. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

8. Before the Flood

This movie stars Leonardo Dicaprio in the main role. It shows a number of interviews taken with experts, scientists, and so many world leaders by Dicaprio who tells him about the devastation that climate change could cause on our planet and on our lives. This documentary aware us of the pressing environmental conditions and how to prevent them from escalating any further. The movie also guides us on the steps and preventive measures that we can take to face any challenges that might come our way. Stream it on Hotstar.

9. Chasing Ice

This documentary will show you the alarming state of glaciers through time-lapse photography. The documentary ‘Chasing Ice’ is created and also shows the acclaimed photographer James Balog, and his whole team capturing the dire state that our glaciers are in and how global warming is so lethal for us. This visually stunning documentary will take you up above the frozen landscapes and the wonderous white heaven. Watch this visually appealing documentary on Amazon to witness the reasons why there is an urgency for climate action.

10. Thank You for the Rain

This movie is as heartfelt as its title, “Thank You for the Rain”. The movie captures the life of a Kenyan farmer, Kisilu through his camera that documents the everyday life of Kisilu and how climate change affects him, his family, and all the people of his village. We all have heard and read about the farmers who suffer because of even the slightest change in climate- this documentary will let you experience the same as if you are in the shoes of the farmer Kisilu. This documentary shows that global warming affects, not just animals, glaciers, and countries, but also many people on an individual level. Rent it on the film’s official website to witness an inspiring story.

These documentaries provide eye-opening insights into the complexities of climate change and inspire viewers to take action. So settle into your favorite spot on the couch, and watch these thought-provoking documentaries. Watch these 10 Best Documentaries on Climate Change and let us also do something for our world.

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