21 Interesting facts about Manipur

Manipur literally means,”the jeweled land”. The exquisite state is known for its traditions, dance forms, music and sumptuous cuisine. Most of the state is covered in forests, which houses some of the rarest species of plants and animals.


Let us look at some of the interesting facts about Manipur.

1. State of many pet names

 2. Birthplace of Polo

3. Battle ground at Lokpachig

4. So much is floating here

5. Dangal gone folk!

6. Education is no joke here

7. This is how Manipur came into being!

8. Here’s to these hardworking women!

9. Not a Bollywood fan

10. May I visit Manipur?

11. One of the many tribes of this state

12. Who ruled this kingdom the first?

13. Traces of stone age

14. Art infused people

15. Here’s how this traditional dance started

16. Bamboo factors importance here

17. You can only drink Manipuri rice liquor here

18. World’s oldest

19. Here’s how you get to know the rich tribal culture

20. Museum of historical significance

21. Home of committed social activist

What a culture infused state Manipur is. We can only state the interesting bits about this place but visiting and experiencing them in person will be a whole different deal.

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