Flop Bollywood Movies That We Actually Love To Watch- A Guilty Pleasure Saga

Bollywood has given us some really good blockbuster movies that we love to watch. But there is a whole range of movies that didn’t fare well at the box office and were considered ‘flop’. And many were not even critically appreciated. But again individual perspective differs from one other. There are so many not-so-great movies that we actually enjoyed watching. We can call it a guilty pleasure as well. These movies might not have been appreciated by all but they have some elements that actually make them worth a watch.. At least for some people. Let us have at some flop Bollywood movies that we actually love to watch:

1. Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

Although this movie was not well received at the box office, critics appreciated the performances of the leads, Abhay Deol and Neha Dhupia. The movie is not for people who get easily offended. It has unique plotline and is of a completely different genre than the rest of the Bollywood movies. If you can watch a movie with an open mind, this is surely entertaining. Also it gave us Laree Chotee by Xulfi.

2. Karwaan

The box office reception of the movie was not that great and it had a below average opening. You watch Karwaan for Mithila Palkar, Dulquer Salman and of course Irfan Khan. The critics praised their  performances and most of them gave the movie 4 out of 5 stars. The movie does not have a very deep impact on you but leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling that a feel-good movie has.

3. Khatta Meetha

This is a Priyadarshan movie, the man who made Hera Pheri series, Hungama, Hulchul and more such movies. So you already know this movie has some really hilarious scenes. Also both comedy legends, Rajpal Rao and Johnny Lever are a part of this movie, so it is very clear why would one like this movie. Although a flop movie when released, Khatta Meetha has the unique Priyadarshan touch to it.

4. Rocket Singh

This movie was critically well received but did not perform that great at the box office. Rocket Singh is a good comedy-drama movie with some really funny scenes and a good plotline. This shows that box office numbers cannot tell you anything about the movie.

5. October

People have a problem when Varun Dhawan does movies like Judwaa 2 where he has some really problematic dialogues. But the same people did not watch him in October, which according to critics, is one of his best performances. October did not do well in the box office but was one of the most loved movie of Dhawan. The story and acting here is everything.

6. Karthik calling Karthik

This was Deepika’s movie when she did not peak in her career. Farhan Akhtar as usual was really nice. But again this movie tanked at the box office. The movie is really good psychological drama that wasn’t appreciated in its time. Also it gave us some really good songs.

7. 13B

This horror movie did not have a very big star cast except for R.Madhavan. The movie is an underrated gem. It is not your typical horror movie with scarred faces and jump scares. This movie actually has a story. They also showed that ghosts can actually have access to us anytime of the day, it does not have to be night always and not every ghost movie needs a priest.

8. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

Abhay Deol has many such underrated movies collection. This movie again was not a box office hit but was well appreciated by the critics. A slice of life kinda story with some hilarious twists and turns, this is actually a family entertainer.

9. Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Emraan Hashmi movies generally tank at the box office but are always appreciated by critics for the storyline and his performance. You have so many reasons to watch this movie- good acting, depiction of domestic violence, attainable love sequence, emotions, Vidya Balan and Rajkumar Rao. And of course this is an Emraan Hashmi movie, the songs are the BEST.

10. Aiyaary

The movie has an exceptional cast that includes Manoj Bajpai, Kumud Mishra, Siddharth Malhotra among others. The movie not not well received at the box office or by the critics either. Though it is a decent watch, especially due to strong performances even if the story drags a little. Watch this if you like action-thriller army movies.

11. Swades

One of the really good films that went unappreciated in its time. Maybe the run time was too long for audience or the pace of the movie but somehow it tanked at box office. But after all these years, this movie is actually a cult classic and one of the flop Bollywood movies that we all love.

12. Lakshya

Making a movie on patriotism and army is difficult as it does not attract that many audience and this was true at least in the time of Lakshya. The movie again was an under-appreciated gem of its time that grew old like a fine wine and now people have actually started realizing how good this was.

This was our take on some flop Bollywood movies that we actually love to watch. Let us know your guilty pleasure movie in the comment section.


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