14 Super Funny Hindi Songs for Instagram Stories

Get your funny bone tickled by putting these witty and funny hindi songs on your Instagram stories!

Over the years, Bollywood has given us some of the most romantic and sentimental songs, as well as some that make us chuckle. Unlike the solemn tones, these songs create a bright ambience and make us want to sway to the amusing lyrics. They’re funny, full of witty wordings, and often have hilarious dance moves. In this article, we’ll explore some funny Hindi songs for Instagram stories to make them more interesting and hilarious!

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1. Galti se Mistake | Jagga Jasoos

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this carefree track!

2. Ek Chatur Naar Badi Hoshiyaar | Padosan

Being one of the funniest Hindi songs out there, this track will have you rolling on the floor.

3. Aye Meri Zohrajabeen | Phir Hera Feri

This hilarious track is already a viral Instagram hit, so make sure to put it in your stories to make them more hilarious!

4. Maston Ka Jhund | Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Vibe with your gang on this crazy track and dance like no one’s watching!

5. Pungi | Agent Vinod

This song stands out in the Bollywood music scene for its quirky and hilarious lyrics.

6. Meri Patni mujhey satati hai | Pati Patni

As the title suggests, this song humorously explores the challenges of married life and the everyday quirks of a husband-wife relationship.

7. Maa Da Ladla | Dostana

Show off your crazy dance moves on this all-time fan favourite from Dostana on your Instagram stories.

8. Ande Ka Phanda | Jodi no. 1

This song may be old, but it surely is one of the most loved tracks of all time, thanks to corny lyrics and hysterical lyrics.

9. Padosan Apni Murgi | Jaadugar

With a catchy beat, this song pokes fun at neighbours and their peculiar habits, adding a lighthearted touch to everyday life.

10. All iz well | 3 Idiots

It’s been more than a decade, but we are still not over this phenomenal movie and humorous track!

11. Nanga Punga Dost | PK

One of the most innocent and beloved tracks out there surely will make you wheeze till your tummy hurts!

12. Birju | Hey Bro

This catchy track pays tribute to the character “Birju” and showcases his amusing qualities, making it a memorable addition to Bollywood’s funny songs.

13. It’s My Life

This song is an energetic celebration of self-expression and living life to the fullest, encouraging listeners to follow their path.

14. Dreamum Wakepup | Aiyyaaa

From the movie “Aiyyaa,” this song is known for its cheeky lyrics and seductive dance moves, so make sure to show off yours!

Bollywood is about more than simply emotions; it is also about making us laugh. These amusing tunes remind us that laughter is essential. They make us laugh with their witty words, insane dance skills, and sense of humour in daily situations. By adding these funny Hindi songs for Instagram stories, you can help spread that laughter further to your beloved followers!

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