10 Best Hindi-Dubbed Romantic Web Series on Netflix

Are you a fan of romantic dramas? Does fantasizing about different situations something you like to do in your leisure? This just might be the right article you stumbled upon, because, we are listing the 10 best Hindi-dubbed romantic web series on Netflix that you should watch.


1. Emily in Paris

This romantic series follows Emily Cooper, a Chicago marketing executive, who is hired by a firm in Paris to provide an American perspective.

2. Virgin River

Virgin River follows a nurse practitioner who moves from Los Angeles to a remote Northern California town for a fresh start. She will soon be surprised by what and who she finds there.

3. Bridgerton

Set in the Regency era in England, Bridgerton follows eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love.

4. The End of the F****** World

The End of the F****** World is an amazing black comedy following James, a 17-year-old teenager who believes himself to be a psychopath. He embarks on a strange journey with Alyssa in search of her father. The journey leads to a series of misadventures.

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

In this Korean romantic drama, Emperor Lee Gon tries to close the doors to a parallel world that was opened by demons; a detective tries to protect the people and the one she loves.

6. Sex Education

Sex Education is a very popular series that follows a group of students, staff, and parents who struggle with various personal dilemmas, most of them related to sexual intimacy, in the fictional Moordale Secondary school.

7. Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You is a South Korean series that draws on the tussle between South Korean and North Korea. It’s not the primary aspect of the show. The show follows a woman who accidentally lands in North Korea after a paragliding mishap. She meets an army officer, who decides he will help hide her.

8. Dash & Lily

Dash & Lily is a romantic comedy that begins when the cynical Dash and the optimistic Lily trade dares, dreams, an d desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations around New York City.

9. You Me Her

The romantic comedy follows a love triangle, involving a suburban husband (Jack), his wife (Emma), and Izzy (Jack’s escort). An impulsive get-together by Jack and Izzy eventually turns into a three-way affair.

10. Start-Up

Start-Up is a South Korean romantic drama that follows Seo Dal Mi, who dreams of becoming Korea’s own Steve Jobs. Her dream may be closer than she thinks with her genius first love, an investor, and a business insider.

These were the 10 best Hindi-dubbed romantic web series on Netflix that you should watch. Hope you enjoy watching it.

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