6 Best Hindi Romantic Web Series of 2023 That Explore Modern Love

Romantic movies surely show the phase where we are walking on the path of roses, and everything looks straight out of Yash Chopra’s movies. But romance series give us a reality check by exploring the genre in detail. Every episode shows us the new side of romance and each story teaches us the hidden forms in which love can be expressed. We have a list of all such best Hindi Romantic web series of 2023 that will take your breath away with romance but also fill your heart with content. These shows will entertain you, and give you hope that life is all about love and no one can escape from this feeling!


1. Rainbow Rishta – Season 1

It is a romance drama reality show about all people from queer spectrum coming out into the limelight to share their love stories. Can they also make their dreams come true and their love last? Of course! And, that’s what this show will tell you all about. It is a unique kind of show that will shed light on some unknown parts of life that our queer fellows live with on an everyday basis.

2. Jee Karda – Season 1

This series is about 7 seven childhood friends who have shared many good, bad, and humbling events in life. Now, as they are grown-up adults. They are in their 30s and surfing through careers, marriage, love, ugly breakups, 30s crisis, and a lot more that every person in their 30s would relate to. If you want to watch a show about love and romance and breakups but also a group of friends navigating through all of that together as a team- this is a brilliant show to watch. It is a light-hearted show- this one will take you on an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

3. ImMature: Season 3

The story of three teenage boys trying hard to overcome the stress of board exams, studies, career choices, friendships, first love- and also their first breakup. Well, this show had been a massive hit and its third season came out in 2023. So, if you want to watch a show that has not just romance but also friendship, career, school gossip, and everything related to teenage years? This show is a must-watch for you. Binge-watch all the seasons today!

4. Half Love Half Arranged

The show that shows the story of Rhea who has an ugly fallout with his longtime boyfriend. After which she decides to get in the marriage market- and tries meeting suiters for herself. But, her situation-ships, and her crazy chaotic family, her past mistakes, her fear- everything creates hurdles in her path. When she meets her Mr.Perfect- will this one last or not? Watch this romcom series and you will watch it till the end!

5. Highway Love 

Have you ever thought about finding your ‘ever-after’ standing somewhere on the highway waiting for you? Well, this show will raise your expectations. This show is about two strangers crossing paths on a highway and creating a bond that lasts for a long time! Their love stories, past, self-discovery, and knowing each other more than just crazy attractive strangers on a highway- all of that is shown in this series.

6. Gutar Gu

It is a sweet teen-romance series about two teenagers Anuj and Ritu who fall in love with each other while coming to a coaching center in Bhopal. This sweet and innocent first love will take you back to your teenage days and give you a feel-good vibe. This simple, and sweet story like an afternoon nap will freshen you up! Love should be as innocent and fresh as the one these two teenagers have had!

Ready for a romance series marathon? Well, watch all these above-listed best Hindi Romantic web series of 2023 and fall in love with all the characters!

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