18 Relatable Hindi Song Lines on Life For You To Hum Along


We all live a life, but stumble and search for words when presented with the question – what is life? Perhaps two of the very few things that actually help us make sense of what life really is, are art and literature. These are products of deep reflection and introspection, and sometimes really do show us the way when we feel lost. Music, as a mode of art and communication, is an amalgamation of the two. It fuses art with literature to create something that soothes our souls. Music can also give you that wake-up call you needed forever, and guide you through the tumultous journey called life. To get you started, we have compled a list of some of the most relatable Hindi song lines on life which might just give you the clarity you needed all along. So, scroll on!


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1. Making us all realise the importance of valuing those who stay, instead of obsessing over those who don’t. 

2. What really matters in life is the bliss and the thrill. 

3. The bond with our mothers we often forget to cherish until it’s too late. 

4. For the moments when you feel revived. 

5. For those people who are just a bit too special to give up on. 

6. When you simply want to break free from all shackles. 

7. For all the right meetings at the wrong times. 

8. Acknowledging the impermanence of our seemingly stable lives. 

9. Of finding your home in a person, and not a place. 


10. The point of life is to make the most out of these couple of moments. 

11. The carefree journey through life we all deserve. 

12. Holding on to the present, at all times. 

13. To hold on to your love for one last time. 

14. When love consumes all, and all becomes one. 

15. What stays behind, and what goes.

16. Our daily trials with life. 

17. Embracing life with all its vices. 


18. The ambitions with which we set out to explore life. 

We hope you enjoyed revisiting some of the most relatable Hindi song lines on life we could find! Did we miss out on any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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