Hollywood Action Movies to Binge Watch in 2023

We all love to hoard good quality content during the weekends or on our time off. There’s no such thing as too little action. Whether in real life or in the movies. You always get your fill but only if you know where to look for it. We’ve come up with some amazing action selections just for you to feast your eyes and ears with. 

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Old Guard

Ever thought what’d happen if you took immortality and fused it with John Wick-like people? The result is an extremely old-but-formidable Guard. The Old Guard is comprised of a group of agents that are hundreds, probably thousands, of years old. And what do they do? Kick ass of course. The only catch is that they keep their identities secret while doing so. 

Or so they used to until they get exposed at the beginning of the movie. From that point onwards, the leader of this guard spends her time ducking away from attention, killers in particular, and forging a team with some of her surviving guard members and some new, regular human beings. It gets interesting the more you realize that the only way to survive for this Guard is to embrace mortality. 


A hitman-esque movie but with an agent/bodyguard hired to save a filthy rich guy’s filthy rich kid. All the way in India. The adolescent in question flexes his money muscle in front of the wrong crowd and eventually is kidnapped. Naturally, a top agent is hired to find the kid and pull him out of the entire cesspool. 

It seems like a straightforward film at first but there are underlying layers to it such as the crippled mental state of the agent and double agents working to foil plans. Action is a-plenty with lots of guns and verbal obscenities flying in all directions. The gruesome scenery depicted and rooftop combat scenes that overlook a realistic Mumbai would also pleasantly surprise you. 

Top Gun: Maverick

You can consider this one a sequel to the first Top Gun. Tom Cruise has cemented himself as a fantastic role model for his fans and people looking to join the Air Force. The way he has used his heartthrob charms and stunning display of aviation to woo his fans is second to none. And he comes back, albeit more mature, in Maverick to once again captivate viewers with fast jets, bikes, and ray bans. If you love a good story, want to reminiscence the good ol’ days, and jam to some ‘Great Balls of Fire’ then this movie shall be a no-brainer.

Sonic The Hedgehog

This one is an animated pick, especially for you and certainly not to be taken lightly in any regard. Sonic the Hedgehog has been around ever since the early days of the GameBoy. The blue wonder with red shoes is an icon at this point because he’s been around since our childhood. Doing the one thing he is best at. Running at lightning speeds and eating corndogs. 

So imagine our excitement when Paramount decided to bring our favorite hedgehog to the big screen. The film is set as an origin story for Sonic. Where he comes from and how he is stuck on Earth with his buddy; a small-town police officer. Doctor Robotnik is also in here; being played by the very ecstatic Jim Carrey. Everything else? Follow this blue devil on the screen to find out more!

This is the End

What do you get when you take a group of pumped-up, high-as-kites, delinquents and throw the end of the world into the mix? You get this bizarre take on Judgement Day. This is the End features the likes of Seth Rogen, James Franco, and even Emma Watson as they work together (sometimes) to bunker up inside a house and survive the ongoing apocalypse. 

The film has plenty of panicky action and will have you snorting with laughter as you witness multiple failed attempts at the chemistry between characters. Trust us, you probably haven’t seen something so wild and yet perfectly executed in a while. We’re talking about Channing Tatum willingly putting on a dog collar and acting like one too, wild. 


That’s a wrap on our tasteful picks to sate your action taste buds. Remember, these movies have sequences that you ought to watch on the big screen so leave no stone unturned in setting up a cinema-like atmosphere before you get down to actually watching these. 

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