8 Hollywood Movies Released in October 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss

Some great October Hollywood movies have the potential to become classics in the future. As the month of Halloween, there are many thrilling options to choose from such as corporate drama or crime thrillers. This month, we have a variety of genres available. Some of the great movies are based on real-life events, and even a film starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro released in October. If you’re curious about the Hollywood movies released in October 2023, take a look below.

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1. The Burial |October 13| Theatrical Release

A legal drama, The Burial is based on true events. It is about a man who runs a funeral home but his business seems shaken up. He joins hands with a lawyer to improve his business. However, the alliance takes a deeper route when they together uncover a web of lies, corruption, and malpractices. This movie starring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones could show the ugly side of American corporate practices and what lies beneath a layer of glitz and shine.

2. Killers of the Flower Moon |October 20| Theatrical Release

It is an epic crime drama that stars legendary actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro! Do you need any other reason? Well, okay, let’s know about the story as well- This Martin Scorsese-directed movie is based on a 2017 novel by the same name. It revolves around the murderers of Osage tribespeople in Western Oklahoma during the 1920s. The murders started happening after oil was discovered in the lands of these tribal people. An investigation was then carried out by the officials to discover the truth. It is one of the best Hollywood movies released in October 2023.

3. Pain Hustlers |October 27| Netflix

It’s the spooky month of Halloween so crime dramas are necessary! Pain Hustlers is another crime drama that shows the life of Liza, a single mother who finds a job at a bankrupt pharmacy. When she helps the company surge into benefits- she isn’t aware that she is getting caught in a web of criminal conspiracy. This corporate crime drama features Chris Evans (Captain America fame) and Emily Blunt  (Oppenheimer fame) in the movie.

4. Wingwomen |October 27| Netflix

It is a crime thriller that has got action as well as comedy- sounds like an all-rounder? Well, that sure it is! The story starts with Alex and Carole, two childhood friends carrying crimes and money heists together. Once, while carrying out the robbery of The Grande Odalisque painting from The Louvre in Paris- they find the task impossible. They then brought Clarence into their team. But after the job is done, they have landed in a soup! The French Special Forces are chasing these three criminals on the run!

5. PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie |October 13| Theatrical Release

A sweet and adventurous animated pups movie- it shows a group of pups gaining superpowers when a meteor hits their ‘Adventure City’ and turns those tiny little munchkins into mighty PAW Patrol pups! The story has just begun- when their group’s archrival Humdinger teams up with a mad scientist to destroy their peaceful world- it’s now time for these superhero pups to come to the rescue. Who wouldn’t want to watch such a cute superhero movie?

6. Dumb Money |October 6| Theatrical Release

It is a financial thriller movie that could be either some average movie or one of the best money-themed movies ever! Dumb Money revolves around the story of a bunch of smart and sly but amateur stock traders who use their internet tricks and bring the whole of Wall Street down to the ground and on their knees! What’s more interesting about this movie? Well, it is based on a true story about a group of investors who came together through a Reddit page!

7. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Movie |October 13| Theatrical Release

All the Taylor Swift fans aka Swifties have a piece of good news- The crazy hit Eras tour of the American pop singer is documented in the form of a movie for all of you to enjoy! What’s more? It is even releasing in theatres in some parts of India too! The movie will show the main concert as well as backstage glimpses of the tour that created a wave on the internet. Relive the magic of Taylor’s live singing concert and fans dancing along!

8. Foe |October 6| Theatrical Release

Foe is a sci-fi thriller movie about a couple who are living a peaceful life until a stranger comes and knocks on their door and turns their world upside down. The couple is living a secluded life on a fairway farm but their quiet life gets into turmoil as the stranger gives them quite a shocking proposal. The movie is based on a successful novel by the same name, written by the Canadian author Iain Reed. It sure sounds mysterious and intriguing, right?

These were Halloween special 8 Hollywood movies released in October 2023. Tell us which one you have already decided to watch.

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