7 Interesting Facts About the Rupee Symbol You Should Know About

In the year 2010, the Indian government announced the brand new symbol for the Indian Rupee: ₹  . Before that, the Indian rupee was denoted by either Rs or Re. The symbol for the Indian Rupee was selected from over 3000 entries, and the winning entry was by D Udaya Kumar. Here are a few interesting facts about the Rupee symbol you should know about!

1. The contest: 

In March 2009, a public contest was announced by the Indian government. The goal of the contest was to create a suitable symbol for the Indian rupee. 

2. The finalised entry:

Over 3,000 submissions for this contest were received, and five of these entries were shortlisted. These entries were by Hitesh Padmashali, Shibin KK, Nondita Correa-Mehrotra, D Udaya Kumar and Shahrukh J. Irani. Out of these five entries, Udaya Kumar’s entry was finalised as the new rupee symbol. Udaya Kumar is currently the Head of the Department of Design at IIT Guwahati.

3. The blending of Latin and Devanagari:

The rupee symbol designed by Udaya Kumar blends the latin letter R as well and the devanagari letter र together as Rupee and Rupiah start with these letters respectively. 

4. Shiro Rekha:

In the devanagari script, all the words and letters receive a horizontal line above them called the Shrio Rekha. The rupee symbol has a similar line above the R/र. 

5. Equals Sign: 

Due to the two lines in the rupee symbol – one at the top and one in the middle, the negative space between the lines gives it the look of the equals sign (=). This reflects the right to equality as given to all the citizens of India by the constitution. 

6. The Indian tricolor: 

The negative space between the two lines is also the same width as that of the lines, which makes them look like the three lines of the Indian tricolor with white (denoted by the negative space) in the middle. 

7. Keeping in line with other currency symbol:

Despite being innovative, the Rupee symbol doesn’t look out of place when placed alongside the signs of the other currencies. The Rupee symbol was designed so as to be similar to other currency signs currently in use. 

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