14 Best Irrfan Khan Dialogues Over The Years

Irrfan Khan, an actor who could pull off characters, no one else can. Even though he looked like someone who can carry off only a few types of characters, he broke all stereotypes and nailed every character he took up. The way he played the quintessential Bollywood lover and could hold a pistol with the same ease left us breathless. As the nation mourns the death of this amazing actor who enthralled audiences with stellar performances in his career, we bring you a few Irrfan Khan Dialogues that are absolutely amazing.


1. Jo kahunga nahi samjhoge…5,10, 15 saal bad shayad kahe ka aasar hoga…gaharaa

2. Baaz chuje pe jhaptaa..udaa le gya. Kahani sachchi lagti hai hai lekin achchi nahi lagti. Baaj pe palatwar hua. Kahani sachchi nahi lagti hai lekin khuda kasam bahut achchi lagti hai.

3. Badhe sheharo ki hawa aur chote sheharo ka pani … bada khatarnak hota hai

4. Mohabbat hai is liye jaane diya … zidd hoti toh baahon mein hoti

5. Pistol ki goli aur laundiya ki boli jab chalti hai toh jaan dono mein hi khatre mein hoti hai 

6. Kismat ki ek khaas baat hoti hai … ki woh palatti hai

7. Hamari toh gaali par bhi taali parti hai 

8. Ishq ka ek problem hai … agar ek ki lagi toh doosre ki bhi lagni hai kabhi na kabhi 

9. Galatiya bhi rishto ki tarah hoti hai … karni nahi padti … ho jaati hai

10.  Death aur shit … yeh do cheezen kisi ko, kahin bhi, kabhi bhi aa sakti hai

11. Chaand pe baad mein chale jana. Pehle dharti ko toh theek se jaan lo

12. Beehad mein baghi hote hain. Dacait milte hain parliament mein

13. I think we forget things if there is nobody to tell them

14. Yeh shehar hum mein jitna deta hai … badle mein kahin zyada hum se le leta hai

Irrfan Khan’s courage to do super challenging roles with such expertise in his crafts made him one of the most loved actors in Bollywood. Bollywood, Indian Cinema, and the nation would cherish his movies, dialogues, and every role he played. We’ll always cherish these memorable Irrfan Khan Dialogues.

R.I.P Irrfan Khan!

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