Some Interesting facts about Kamal Haasan, we bet you never knew!

Kamal Hasaan, a prominent name of the Tamil cinema, has proved his mettle in the in Hindi film industry as well. He has starred in films like Sadma, Saagar, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste, Pushpak and Hey Ram among many others block busters. Hasan debuted in the film industry as a child actor. Having dedicated more than 50 years to this industry, he is known for portraying a wide variety of roles and going unimaginable lengths to get into the skin of the character, literally!

Kamal Hasan’s contribution to the cinema goes beyond acting he has written scripts, produced and directed films, he has done playback singing, and choreography too. Let’s get to know this multi-faceted personality.

1) Two targets with one arrow

2) While the rest of the kids were still stumbling

3) A plethora of languages

4) He is also a fan like us

5) He tried too hard it seems, LOL

6) And I thought Shah Rukh was the only one…

7) Not a double or a triple role, but 10 roles

8) Means humor or comedy and you ask what’s in a name?

9) Started young, very young

10) A century of acting

11) The winner deserves it all…

12) A man on mission…

13) Sky’s the limit!

14) Mystery unveils

15) Because he is the man

16) Jack of all trades, master of most!

17) It’s all in the family

18) Because, why not? 

19) We are not kidding!

20) How many can you? 

Nothing, they say comes in the way of a person who is determined to succeed. Kamal Haasan’s achievements have made him a perfect personification of the word itself.

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