14 Best Killer Soup Dialogues Featuring Manoj Bajpayee & Konkana Sen


A new comedy thriller drama web series, “Killer Soup,” arrived on Netflix on January 11, 2024, creating buzz due to its storyline, dialogues, and the formidable duo of Manoj Bajpayee and Konkana Sen. It follows a talentless home chef who replaces her husband with her lover, Umesh until an inspector and a gang of villains disrupt their success. The dialogues in “Killer Soup” match the plot’s intensity, promising a chaotic blend of murder, revenge, and perhaps even love. Anticipation runs high for this exciting show; let’s dive into some of its standout dialogues from the upcoming series.


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1. Their romantic story turned into a crime thriller…
“Main to soch raha tha ki tum kisi romantic film ke hero heroine hain. Hum to villain nikle Swati.”

2. Love is complicated…
“You love me.
It’s not that simple na.”

3. Will they get a ‘forever’?
“Tum Mr. Shetty, Main Mrs. Shetty forever and ever.”

4. The inspector who knows it all…
“I am Inspector Hassan Nazhimalai Police Station.”

5. Your secret is out now…
“Mere paisa ka kya baat hai woh blackmail note mein.”

6. The forever savage man!
“Patak ke lega main Umesh ki ma ka.
Abhi kya kr raha hain.”

7. Plan A failed so now is there a Plan B?
“Tumhara plan fail ho gaya Swati.”

8. Police are inching closer every day…
“Hum dono ko maalum hai police tere piche hath dhoke padi hai.”

9. Love is blind…
“You hurt me, Umesh. But I love you.”

10. The killer soup is served…
“Accha batao soup kaisa tha.

11. But she can swap (IYKYK)!
“You don’t love me?

You are very nice, and lovely. Lekin mein reh nahi sakti na tere saath.”

12. And then they made a plan…
“Tumne toh kaha tha tum mere saath rehna nahi chahti.

Main rehna chahti hoon bas bhaag nahi sakti hoon.”

13. He has a point, right?
“You used me…

Tumhari wajah se main apni jaan tak dene ko aa gaya, aur tum keh rahi ho Maine tumhara use kiya hai.”

14. The fight after the mess they created…
“Tumhe sach mein lagta hai Maine tumhara istemaal liya hai?

Tumhe bhi toh lagta hai tumne mujhpe ehsaan kiya hai.”

What are your thoughts on these best Killer Soup dialogues? I am hoping that the series gives us a great series and makes our year exciting from starting days itself!

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