Hot New Korean Dramas Releasing In February 2024

Is there any point in discussing the popularity of K-dramas? The shows like Death’s Game, My Demon, Doctor Slump, Mary My Husband, and so many more- the list is simply endless. K-dramas have genres such as supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, aliens, and mythical creatures- making the shows unique. Apart from creativity, Korean shows are also popular because of their innocence, fashion, and cuteness (you can’t deny that!). Here is a list of Korean Dramas releasing in February. I have picked my choices, you pick yours and set a reminder.


1. Branding in Seongsu | February 5 | Viki Rakuten

At first glance, it is your typical office romance thriller drama about a business tycoon finding true love in a kind-hearted intern. However, there is a twist- the body-swapping element. While one is kind, the other is extremely competitive. Their lives entangle more than they bargained for when their bodies swap after a kiss they share- yes, you heard that right! Well, now they can wreak havoc in each other’s lives. Watch the show and don’t forget to give us reviews.

2. A Killer Paradox | February 9 | Netflix

Korean webtoons are so creative and addictive- they form the basis for most of the K dramas we watch nowadays. A Killer Paradox is also one such thriller genre drama that is based on a popular webcomic. The show centers around a part-time convenience store worker and a college student who mistakenly kills a person. However, later he realizes that he has killed a serial killer and saved many lives. This has happened because he possesses the power to identify the black and evil souls. If you are a fan of supernatural thrillers that keep you on edge- this one is for you!

3. Wedding Impossible | February 26 | TvN

A romance genre K-drama about a struggling actress named  Na Ah Jeong, trying to find balance as a successful actress and having a meaningful love life- but failing at both. When her best friend, a chaebol of a business family is forced by his family to get married. He asks his BFF to pose as his wife. But, the man’s brother has got some other plans for him. The series also represents BL- making it a rarity among so many other K-dramas. It’s a drama that many fans are already eagerly awaiting.

4. The Impossible Heir / Royal Loader | February  | Disney+Hotstar, Hulu

A political family drama- this one is like a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of watching rom-com K-dramas. It is about a young man named Kang In Ha, who has grown up in a poor family and tries to keep his image afloat with his charming personality and good looks! However, one fine day, he finds out that he is the illegitimate son of Kang Oh Group’s chairman- a piece of shocking good news for him! He devises a plan to take over the whole company with the help of his friend. But, another smart woman is competing against him. The game is on.

Many more Korean dramas like the sci-fi romance series ‘When the Stars Gossip’, and ‘Squid Game 2’ are going to release this year. So, fasten your seat belts for the most thrilling year!

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