15 Most Famous Characters from Hollywood Movies

A good movie turns out great when it has interesting characters. These characters may be loving or despicable, but they stand out for being who they are unapologetically. Their quirks and nuances are the bare threads stitched together to weave magic in the film. And if you are a Hollywood movie fan, you would know that some of the most famous films are centered around good versus bad characters. Be it Harry Potter pitted against Voldemort or Batman versus Joker. These characters were crafted with such perfection that they evoke strong emotions in our minds even today. While many films have come and gone in between, the most famous characters from Hollywood movies have stayed with us for a long time. 

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We have compiled a list of the most popular and best Hollywood characters of all time. 

1. Iron Man

He is the Marvel hero that has stood out against others, not for his power but his heart. The man in the Iron suit does not think twice before putting others’ safety before his own. John Downey Jr. has played the role of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, in all the Avenger films featuring the popular character since 2008.

 2. Joker

 Joker is shown as the main villain of Gotham City in every Batman movie. But despite him being a crackpot, the one thing that has won our hearts is that he knows that rules must be broken to survive in an unfair world. Many actors across the decades have played the ‘joker’; however only Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger have won Oscars for their brilliant performances.

3. James Bond

James Bond has been a classic spy in Hollywood since 1962. His swag over the years remains unparalleled with his bold moves, cars, guns and gadgets supplied by Q Branch. Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig remain our favourite actors to have played James Bond.

4. Jack

Every time Titanic is mentioned, we remember Jack and his pure love for Rose. Throughout the movie, he has lived up to the definition of true love. The character was brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Homes is a fictional detective we simply can’t get enough of. We have loved him in Dr Watson’s books, films and TV series. He’s a gifted detective who solves the most mysterious and hard-to-crack crime cases with logic backed by understanding human nature and relationships. Sherlock Holmes was played by Robert John Downey Jr. in both the Sherlock Holmes films that were released in 2009 and 2011. 

6. The Bride

The Bride shows no signs of how brides are supposed to be. She is wearing a yellow tracksuit and is on a mission to get hold of assassins before they can get to her and her unborn child. The Bride is played by Uma Thurman in the movies Kill Bill: Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2.

 7. Vito Corleone 

 The opening scene of The Godfather is all you need to know about the Don. He believes in justice and wants to be treated with love and respect. Marlon Brandon’s jaw-dropping performance makes us forget that he’s just enacting Vito Corleone in the first film. Robert De Niro has also explored the character beautifully in the sequel. The persona of this role along with powerful dialogues have made Vito Corleone such an iconic character that it may well top the list of best Hollywood Characters in polls, surveys and critic rankings. 

8. Captain Jack Sparrow

Childhood dreams are made of Captain Jack Sparrow and his ship Black Pearl. We see a pirate who’s larger than life, living a carefree life until trouble knocks on his door. He wins us with his wit and charm, but to overcome his problems, he has to pick up battles. There is no one else we can think of who could have played the role of this memorable Hollywood Character better than Johnny Depp!

9. Shrek

You’ll love the sarcastic Ogre, Shrek, who has a funny face but an even funnier outlook on those who think he’s a monster. The self-sufficient guy is proud of himself just the way he is. Mike Mayors has lent his voice to the character in the series. Shrek appears in The Shrek series, namely Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek the Hails, and Shrek Forever After. 

10. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a good-natured professor of archaeology who doesn’t mind being the target of jokes. But the professor has an adventurous side to him too. His life is a tale of demystifying some of the past’s most exciting and unsolved quests. Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones in all four films released so far. 

11. Hans Solo

Hans Solo is a smuggler and is also the pilot of Millennium Falcon. You see the handsome young guy who makes his living bluffing others grow into a practical and compassionate man. He is loved by the fans of the film across generations. The character was played by Harrison Ford in Star Wars 1977 and featured in the reprising roles in the sequels that spanned over the next 42 years.

12. Harry Potter 

We love Harry, who smiles despite all his troubles, looks at the positive side of things, and fights the most dangerous battles of the wizarding world. Daniel Radcliffe will always be remembered as onscreen Harry Potter by all the fans of the film. This Hollywood Character will always have a special place in the hearts of 90s kids who grew up with the stories of this fantasy series. 

13. The Terminator 

Terminator, or T-800, is a robotic assassin designed by a military supercomputer, Skynet. It is almost unbelievable to see a villain who looks human but inside resides a metallic robot. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal as Terminator in the first film made us believe he was not an actor playing Terminator but was the killing machine itself.


 14. Maximus 

Maximus will always be remembered as a hero who rose in rank and power to avenge the murder of his family members. And despite the atrocities committed against his family members, he wants justice and the slaves to be freed. Russell Crowe portrays the character with such finesse that it binds the other film elements together to produce a perfect harmony called The Gladiator. Maximus remains as one of the characters from Hollywood movies that will always remain etched in our hearts. 


15. Hannibal

Hannibal is one of the biggest Hollywood villains that instill fear in us. He is a psycho serial killer who eats his victims and roams freely as a forensic psychiatrist. Anthony Hopkins did a perfect job of playing a seriously flawed elite. He gives us a shiver every time we think of his iconic straitjacket, muzzle and lip-licking noises. 

These are the most famous characters from Hollywood films that have ruled our thoughts for decades and will continue to do so in future too. If you think we’ve missed any other notable names that should make it to this list of best Hollywood Characters, let us know in the comment box below.

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