7 Dialogues From Neerja That’ll Inspire You To Be Brave


Neerja is the story of Neerja Bhanot, a young 23-year old flight attendant and an Indian head purser whose courage and grit during the hijack of the Pan Am Flight 73 saved the lives of several passengers. Her extra-ordinary courage and bravery earned her the Ashoka Chakra award – India’s highest peace time gallantry award. The dialogues from Neerja, the biopic based on this true story inspires you to take a stand against the wrong and never lose your courage.


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Terrorists from Abu Nidal Organization, a Palestinian terrorist organization backed by Libya had hijacked the Pan Am Flight 73 – a pan American World Airways flight from Bombay to New York at its stop in Karachi, Pakistan. Neerja Bhanot hid the passport of the 43 American citizens on board to protect them from the terrorists. She earlier alerted the three-member cockpit crew of pilot on the aircraft who escaped before the terrorists took over and thus prevented the flight going off-ground. 

We bring you some of the best dialogues from Neerja that will inspire you.

1. Agar yeh hota toh woh nahi hota…
Agar woh hota toh yeh nahi hota…
Hota toh wohi hai jo hona hota hai!
– Neerja

2. Sir main sirf apna kaam kar rahi hun, apna farz nibha rahi hoon… – Neerja

3. Koi bhi galat kaam na karna na karne dena. – Neerja


4. Haunsla rakh… Usse saari samasya hal ho jaata hai… – Neerja

5. Iski Kundli mein likha tha… Kul ki Deepak banegi yeh… – Neerja

6. Kya tumhari maa bhi tumhare baap se delivery boy ka kaam karati hai? – Neerja  

7. Tumhari Aawaz Kaan se Nahi… Dil se Sunta Hoon! – Neerja  

Neerja was both a commercial as well as a critical hit that became one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films featuring a female protagonist. The movie collected 135 Crores at the box office. It also won 6 Filmfares including Best Film (Critics), Best Actress (Critics) (Sonam Kapoor), and Best Supporting Actress (Shabana Azmi). It won two awards at the 64th National Film Awards including Best Feature Film in Hindi and a special Mention for Sonam Kapoor.

We hope these dialogues from Neerja inspires you to have the courage to face all adversities and injustices with bravery.

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