15 Powerful LGBTQ+ Quotes About Love, Equality, and Compassion

There are hardly any groups in the world more prosecuted than the LGBTQ+ community. Even with the elevated levels of awareness that 21st century brought with itself, the community continues to be discriminated against – even in countries that actually have laws in place protecting their rights. At the end of the day, there’s really no better way to say this – even though there has never been a better time to be queer, it’s still not a very good time, which just goes on to show just how much of a long way there still is to go. We must band together to protect the right to love – whomever one wants to love. This pride month, we bring you 15 powerful LGBTQ+ quotes that’ll inspire you to be your most authentic self!

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1. There’s nothing more wrong than being so fixated on hating that you forget loving altogether.
“The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.” – Rita Mae Brow

2. The world needs more kindness and less animosity.
“This world would be a whole lot better if we just made an effort to be less horrible to one another.” Elliot Page

3. You must not let anyone else define what or who you are. Take charge of your life.
“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”- Harvey Fierstein

4. The world is a becomes a slightly better place every time someone decides to be more accepting.
“We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity.”- George Takei

5. You do not need a motive to do the right thing, you do it because it’s right.
It takes no compromise to give people their rights … it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression. – Harvey Milk 

6. When you proudly claim what is used to offend you, it no longer offends you.
The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you’ve just told them. – Rachel Maddow

7. We live in a world that could use some improvement. But you, you are perfect.
There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in. – Chris Colfer

8. If you’re going to piss off people anyway, might as well do it while having fun.
You look ridiculous if you dance. You look ridiculous if you don’t dance. So you might as well dance. – Gertrude Stein

9. You get to choose who you are, and nobody else.
We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. That’s okay. – Laverne Cox

10. Nobody gets to decide what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their room.
It still strikes me as strange that anyone could have any moral objection to someone else’s sexuality. It’s like telling someone else how to clean their house. – River Phoenix 

11. You were born fabulous. Own it.
Baby, I was born this way. – Lady Gaga

12. Nobody shall be expected to explain who they love. Love needs no justifications.
I’m a young, bisexual woman, and I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to validate myself — to my friends, to my family, to myself — trying to prove that who I love and how I feel is not a phase. – Halsey

13. You love people as a whole.
“What I preach is: People fall in love with people, not gender, not looks, not whatever. What I’m in love with exists on almost a spiritual level.” – Miley Cyrus

14. Why’d an all powerful God make gay people if They didn’t want them around?
From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people. – Howard Dean

15. And at last, you do not need to be gay to be an ally. Empathy is all it takes.
“You don’t have to be gay to be a supporter—you just have to be a human.”  – Daniel Radcliffe

Did you like our list of the most powerful LGBTQ+ quotes? Share your favourite ones in the comments below!

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