14 Quotes From The Joker Which Prove Why He Makes More Sense Than Batman


Light or Dark, Good or Evil, some characters are played so well by the actors that it doesn’t matter whether they are playing the hero or the villain of the movie. These characters emerge as icons and leave a significant mark all over the world. One such widely acclaimed portrayal is of Joker which is impeccably done by Heath Ledger. We bring you 14 quotes from the Joker which prove why he makes more sense than Batman


1) If it’s good then it’s not free

2) Joker has it all figured out

3) What completes the Joker?

4) When do people show who they really are?

5) It’s not about the money

6) Chaos is fairer than Order

7) Batman & Joker, forever….


8. What it takes to be mad?

9. All by myself

10. Life without rules

11. For Joker, it’s never about the money

12. Joker never plans

13. Whatever doesn’t kill you no longer makes you stronger! 

14. …and smile like Joker does

Batman sets a new level for superhero characters or is it the villains like Joker that drive these superheroes. Backed by a profound backstory and realistic dialogues, Joker is more than just an antagonist. Often he makes sense, but mostly he wants exploitation, in and out, and preys as well as ravages on the morals of others.

Thank God! He exists only in movies.

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