20 Ramayana Meme Templates To Describe The Story Of Our Lives


Ramayana has seen a new wave of popularity in the year 2020 with the record breaking telecast of the show on DD National. In this new age of social media, twitter and pop culture, Ramayana Meme Templates became an instant hit with memers.


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We bring you some of the most popular Ramayana meme templates that perfectly describe the sad story of our lives.

1. Me waking up after 3 weeks of lockdown:
Aaj mere dukh, meri nirasha ki koi seema nahi

2. Whenever she friendzones me.
Arey Papini!

3. Whenever I see Butter Chicken: Ab aaja mere muh mein

4. Pakistanis to IMF, China, Saudi Arabia and literally the whole world: Bhiksham Dehi!

5. Whenever my tinder match agrees to meet me.
Me: Hamare tumhare Milaap ki ghadi aa gayi hai

6. Whenever my ex calls me to ask if I am fine.
Hoon toh meri Rakshas kul ki par Rakshon mein bhi bhavana hoti hai.

7. Whenever I hear about my friends new job, car, house and girlfriend.
Me to God: Idha bhi Kripa Drishti Daalon

8. Whenever my friend has one burger and one whole pizza and still says Bhook Lagi Hai! 
Me: Iske pet par baan maariye prabhu

9. Congress party to Rahul Gandhi whenever he makes an embarrassing speech:
Kaat di, kaat di meri naak

10. Whenever I see some random person arguing with me on my post.
Me: Kahiye aapko kya kasht hai?


11. Whenever I see my non-veg friend eating Mutton: 

12. My class 9 classmate when she came to knew that 4 boys of our class have a crush on her: 
Mein Trilok sundari Stree hoon

13. We she says she loves me as a friend.
Me: Nirdai, Nishtur, Hatyari, Kulghatini

14. Me to spam calls I get everyday: Nirlaj! Tu phir aa gaya…

15. Whenever my crush messages me first. 
Me: Param Aashcharya

16. Whenever my mom makes

17. When I am served Burger with French Fries.
Me to French Fries: Sabse pehle isko samapt karenge!

18. When I see a girl’s DP on Tinder Vs What she looks when I actually meet her 

19. Flies in every desi Mithai shop…

20. Whenever I come to know that my friend was also flirting with my crush.
Me: Waah Mitra Waah, Kya saath diya, acchi mitrata nibhai

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Which of these Ramayana Meme templates did you find the most hilarious?

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