10 Wittiest Replies By Shah Rukh Khan on #AskSRK Sessions

We all know what a good actor Shah Rukh Khan is. But people love him not just for his acting skills but also because of his wit and intelligence. Shah Rukh Khan has proved this on several occasions like in news interviews, movie launch events and even on social media. His replies are witty as well as funny and of course, never offensive. He started a trend on Twitter where he answers random questions asked to him by his fans under the hashtag #AskSrk. We compiled some of the funniest, wittiest and overall best replies by Shah Rukh when asked some sane and crazy questions on Twitter. Take a look at the savage replies by Shah Rukh Khan on #AskSRK:

1. Funny and respectful! That is Shah Rukh Khan for you guys!!

2. Now if you age shame Shah Rukh or anyone for that matter, there might be something really wrong with just. Just saying!

3. We don’t know if Shah Rukh wants real dogs to like his movies or just some canines!

4. Now that is how you handle sly comments that are politically and religiously controversial!

5. The weird requests fans make are funny but Shah Rukh’s reply is funnier!

6. One of the greatest actors in the world and King Khan of Bollywood but the real compliment is being called a good person!

7. We bet Shah Rukh would help Gauri in the kitchen because he is a gentleman but he is also Shah Rukh Khan so doesn’t need to!

8. That’s a good movie idea but Shah Rukh is right. We cannot see anyone playing his role better than him! How about a double-double role of SRK? 4x Shah Rukh!!

9. You got an opportunity to ask him anything and you asked something you would ask your “babu”??!! But Shah Rukh knows how to reply!

10. Other actors are not Shah Rukh Khan. His filmography is unattainable by anyone!

This was our take on the savage replies by Shah Rukh Khan on AskSrk. Do let us know your favourite in the comment section.

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