7 Best Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone Movies Together


Shah Rukh Khan has great chemistry with all his actresses on screen. Be it the simple yet sweet Rani Mukherjee the bubbly Juhi Chawla or his evergreen co-star Kajol- SRK looks good with everyone. But Shah Rukh-Deepika takes the cake with the kind of movies they do together. Obviously, we are not comparing them to SRK-Kajol (that has a separate fan base) but the magic that SRK-Deepika brings on screen is unmatchable. The way they complement each other on screen is a treat to look at. Here are some best Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone movies together that we love to watch over and over again:

1. Om Shanti Om | 2007

The first movie of this pair which also marked Deepika’s debut in Bollywood was the blockbuster Om Shanti Om. One of the best movies of SRK altogether, this had everything a superhit movie needs- action, romance, dance, songs, villain, hero, sadness, death, rebirth, a lonely mother, good friends, and many more. Shantipriya was truly immortal. We loved how these two literally had a ‘lit’ performance. Can’t believe this was Deepika’s first movie.

2. Chennai Express | 2013

Another masterpiece by SRK and Deepika! The comic timing between these two was insanely good. Deepika’s South Indian accent was caricature-ish but funny. And SRK’s reaction to all the things happening to him and around him just made everything perfect. The way the story develops from enemies to lovers is a classic Bollywood romance trope and who better than Shah Rukh himself for this?

3. Happy New Year | 2014

This was actually a fun-filled movie. Though a little silly at times, this is an entertaining watch especially because of Deepika Padukone. The way she adores SRK while he is aloof sounds a little extra but who wouldn’t chase SRK? Although the story had many flaws by itself, this movie was not Money Heist with foolproof plans, this was just to sit back and laugh at silly jokes. Judge all you want but this was another SRK-Deepika movie that showed us what their presence can do on screen.

4. Pathaan | 2023


Time and again SRK-Deepika has shown what the duo can do on screen with their powerful performances and great chemistry. Pathaan, the latest installment of this duo together proved the theory right. This Spy Universe movie was best represented by them as both have strong personalities and screen presence but they never overshadowed each other instead they actually looked good together. Although we won’t deny that SRK-Salman closely beat the SRK-Deepika duo! JK!

5. Jawan | 2023

Although Deepika just has a cameo in it, the trailer looks exciting with her in it. Again we can see the OG SRK-Deepika chemistry in the 5 seconds they were together in the trailer. We cannot wait to see what Jawan has to offer with Deepika’s new fiery avatar with SRK as a villain!

6. Billu Barber | 2009

Although Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan just had a song ‘Love Mera Hit Hit’ was actually a ‘hit’. We loved the groovy performance of SRK and Deepika and the song by Neeraj Sridhar and Tulsi Kumar. We danced we them and enjoyed as much as they did on screen. Such a peppy number and such energetic dance moves!

7. Zero | 2018

The fact that Deepika just had less than a cameo but she still shone on on screen tells us why she is The Deepika Padukone. The way ‘Bauua’ got mesmerized with Deepika is exactly how we are bespoken by her.

This was our take on the best Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone movies together. We love them together and can never get enough of them. After SRK-Salman, SRK-Kajol, our favourite is SRK-Deepika!

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