7 South Indian Movies Releasing In March 2024


South Indian movies that are promoted at a mass level have created a buzz across the whole nation. While, movies like Pushpa, and KGF need high-level promotions, don’t forget that low-budget movies like Kantara can go wild with their content, creativity, cinematography, acting, and overall brilliance! March is the month of a new start and South Cinema is ready is give us some new milestone-setting movies. Now, let’s quickly scroll down and find the names of all exciting South Indian movies releasing in March 2024.


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1. Operation Valentine | Telugu | March 01

A much-awaited historical action thriller about the most crucial and fiercest aerial attack that the Indian Air Force combated and won. What strategies did they take, how did they draft the deadly enemies, and all the mental battles they had to fight before fighting the real one- all this is shown in the movie. This patriotic thriller stars Manushi Chillar, Varun Tej, Navdeep, and Mir Sarwar among others.

2. Churmuri | Kannada | March 1

A mystery drama about three friends who find hidden information in a newspaper that was wrapped in the snack they bought. They start a journey to find the long-lost school friend but end up finding heartbreaking information and tragic revelations. The features Mit Krishna Hebbale, Priya Shatamarshan, Pavan B, and Lavanya Natana in pivotal roles. It is an engaging drama that will keep you interested till the end.

3. Bhimaa | March 08

An action drama starring superstar Gopichand in the lead role of a police officer who takes a stand against gangs and powerful bullies who are taking up land in the village of innocent people who live there. Apart from a powerful action story, the movie also has a stellar star cast including Priya Bhavani Shankar, Malvika Sharma, Nassar, and Vennela Kishore among others.

4. Double iSmart | March 08


A science fiction action movie that is a sequel to the superhit 2019 movie named ‘iSmart Shankar’. The sequel is about a deceased policeman whose memories are scientifically transplanted into someone else’s brain using advanced technology. And an assassin is helping the authorities create such things inside the lab to get more and more powerful. The movie stars Ram Pothineni and Sanjay Dutt in prominent roles.

5. Bazooka | Malayalam | March 28

An action thriller movie filled with high-octane action sequences. If you have been waiting for a long to watch a fast-paced action thriller that gives you an adrenaline rush then your wait is over! This movie also has an ensemble star cast including Mammootty, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Gayathri Iyer, and Shine Tom Chacko among others. The movie’s plot is kept under wraps to give the audiences a surprise when go and sit inside the theatres- so be ready for the ride of your life!

6. Barroz | Malayalam | March 28

Barroz is an epic fantasy movie starring debutant Mohanlal in the lead role. The movie is inspired by Jijo Punnoose’s novel named Barroz: Guardian of D’Gama’s Treasure. It is the story of Barroz, a custodian who has Vasco Da Gama’s riches protected with him over four centuries and now is the time to pass over the treasure to the rightful owner and the heir of Gama’s wealth. Along with Mohanlal, the movie also stars Maya, Kallirroi Tziafeta, and Cesar Lorente Raton in the film.

7. Tillu Square | March 29

A romantic crime comedy movie that has all the spices that make the recipe of a successful entertainer of the year! This movie is a sequel of the 2022 hit film named ‘DJ Tillu’. The movie revolves around the life of Tillu who gets entangled in a mysterious murder and has to get out of it- but more twists and turns keep happening throughout the movie. The movie stars Siddhu Jonnalagadda alongside Anupama Parameswaran in the lead roles.

We might add more names to our list of South Indian Movies Releasing In March 2024, to keep you updated, so keep coming back and don’t miss out on good movies. Happy Watching!

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