6 Best Telugu Movies of 2023 on Netflix You Should Watch


With new movies like Jersey, and Sita Ramam and the classic ones like Bahubali and Drushyam- the Telugu film industry has set its bar higher than the sky! Telugu movies are popular not just in Southern but also in the Northern and other parts of India because of their massy actions, story, and connectable humor. The movies are great in terms of storytelling, and cinematography, and give a mass appeal. Telugu movies give larger-than-life moments that are worth watching on a big screen! All in all, if you are a fan of Telugu movies and don’t want to miss out on some noteworthy Telugu movies of the year 2023 then don’t miss out on the following list! Check out the name of all the best Telugu movies of 2023 on Netflix and watch them with nachos and popcorn! Let’s have a look:

1. Rangabali

This romantic comedy-drama is about a happy-go-lucky guy, Rangabali moves from a small town to a big city in India and tries to find his footing in a career as well as love. Interestingly, Rangabali falls in love with a female doctor and also has a medical background as his father owns a medical shop in his hometown. The movie is a mixed bag of all kinds of drama and emotions that life throws at us! Rangabali directed by Pawan Basamsetty stars the young and rising actor of Telugu cinema- Naga Shaurya in the main role. The movie is a mass entertainer with a lot of humor- if you want to take a break from a hectic schedule and unwind yourself- this movie is a nice choice!

2. Virupaksha

Virupaksha is a 2023 released horror thriller Telugu film that tells the story of an Indian village where many mysterious deaths are happening and a man from the village along with a group takes upon the responsibility to unleash the truth behind these adversities and makes things right. The movie is an official remake of the super hit Tamil movie Vinodhaya Sitham. It is directed by Karthik Varma Dandu, and features Samyukta Menon, Sai Dharam Tej, Ravi Krishna, and Kamal Kamaraju in important roles. This supernatural thriller has got a 7.3 IMDb rating and seems like a must-watch!

3. Amigos

It is an action thriller movie with an interesting storyline! It shows the story of three identical men who find and befriend each other through an app that helps people find their doppelgangers. However, things take a drastic twist when one of the three turns out to be a criminal with a not-so-good past. And now the other two have to save themselves from getting embroiled in the criminal’s life. The movie did average at the box office, but, with a rather unusual plot- and having it on Netflix makes it one choice of all the latest movies that are available on Netflix. The movie is directed by Rajendra Reddy, and stars Nandmuri Kalyan Ram in tripe roles.


4. Butta Bomma

Butta Bomma is a remake of the hit 2020 released Malayalam movie, ‘Kappela’. The movie is about a naive young girl from a village in Arukku who falls in love with an auto driver she has only met once in her life. The movie gives out a clear message of not blindly trusting strangers in a very realistic manner. It is directed by Chandrasekhar T. Ramesh and stars actors like Anikha Surendran, Arjun Das, Suyra Vashishth, and Navya Swamy among others- all performed well in the movie and got a lot of praise from the viewers.

5. Dasara

Dasara was released in March 2023 and got a great response from the movie watchers! It narrates the story of a love triangle between three friends who live in Virallapalley- a small village surrounded by coal mines where a lot of daily coal mining, alcohol drinking, political influence, and power struggles keep happening. The movie was a huge commercial success and is a must-watch for all the masala movie lovers! It is directed by Srikanth Odhela and stars Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Dheekshath Shetty, and Shine Tom Chacko in important roles.

6. Meter

Directed and written by Ramesh Kadhuri, this action comedy-drama movie tells the story of Arjun Kalyan, a smart man who has a lot of dreams except becoming a police officer. Though, he eventually becomes a police officer following his father’s long-standing dream. But, when he has a face-off with the powerful home minister of the state- he had no way but to fight head-first and win! This movie stars Kiran Abbavaram, Keshav Deepak, and Athulya Ravi in the main roles.

Which are the movies that you have selected to watch from this list of best Telugu Movies of 2023 on Netflix? Tell us your preferences in the comments.

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