These Women Bikers Are Heading Out For Long Trips & Breaking Stereotypes

Some stare in disbelief, some give them a ‘thumbs up’ and some men reflect upon their own insecurities while these women thunder past the enthralling landscapes dressed in leather jackets, heavy boots and biking gear, exclusive to men until some time ago.

As the youth of the country has awakened to a new passion – biking in the recent years, women do not lag behind. For women, biking is not just a passion but also gives them a sense of freedom and empowerment.

As Royal Enfield introduces its inagural women only edition of Himalayan Odyssey across the roughest terrains and mountain passes, we bring you the stories of six women who have been breaking stereotypes one trip at a time.

@thegonegoat shares her #storiesofmotorcycle and memories of her first trip on a motorcycle • • • • “For the longest time I had dreamt of riding a motorcycle, but there was always a 1001th excuse that I battle with my mind and myself on the dangers of riding that left me not to pursue it. But this year things changed… I quit my job in Malaysia and backpacked solo to India for 3 months and on 1 month rode as a pillion rider on the Royal Enfield Thunderbird through the himalayas covering Uttarakhand and Himachal. The journey was a smooth one in Uttarakhand but on Himachal there were instances where the spokes broke and the tyre got punctured leaving us with little choice but to hitchhike 3 times and befriend truck drivers. My patience wore thin but taught me a lot of life lessons 1) you are never really alone. Someone out there will be there to always help. The world is not that dangerous 2) it’s ok if things don’t go according to a plan and 3) let the adventure decide what’s next for you because you’ll return as a stronger person – in short, don’t control everything. I have now return back to Malaysia and on my way to securing a bike license. I am not sure if I’ll succeed in getting one immediately but I am determined to try and not let other opinions affect me.”

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@vedantee_chaudhari shares her #meandmymotorcycle story… • • • • “My bae, my first love, is my first bike. My RE classic 350. I’m riding her since i was 15. Yeah had to wait for 3 long years to take her out for long rides but even the shortest rides in neighbourhood n close by would always excite me. In the beginning no one taught me how to ride as i was too young to. But i couldn’t resist n thus would sneak out my dad’s eyes n grab the keys, learnt the do’s and don’t via YouTube! n simply observe my bro while he rode it, as it was previously owned by him. One fine day my bf saw me doing so n freaked out n became my tutor. ? since then it’s my dream to complete the indian quadrilateral on it ? #happythumping

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Celebrating #womenwhoride with @jaqfernz #meandmymotorcycle story. — “When I was a kid, whenever I heard the sound of a bull, my heart would skip a beat! This continued as I grew older. It was in 2007 when I asked a friend to teach me, I learnt to ride a TB 350 – not well but manageable. The moment I learnt, I told my Dad & he was like “I hope to see my girly ride one someday.”. It was in 2011 that I picked this bull, a Std 350 CI which I lovingly call Taz. The one thing I wanted to do was ride down to Mangalore & show Dad Taz; which I did in 2014 – I rode Bangalore-Goa-Mangalore & back. Only difference was Dad had passed on in 2010 but heart of hearts I know he’s watching :)….I’ve done a few rides on Taz & there are more to follow…..each ride has its story :)”

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To join these girls in their quest for self-belief, freedom, adventures and new destinations, register for the first edition of Himalayan Odyssey Women here



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