6 Most Awaited TV Shows Releasing in January 2024

There are a plethora of great TV shows releasing in January 2024 that will keep you on the edge of your seat and some that will make your belly ache with too much laughter! All the shows lined up for January have either some newly launched stories or are the newer seasons of some of your favorite shows. So, your wait is finally going to end. Check out the below listed 6 new TV Shows releasing in January 2024.


1. Night Court Season 2 | 23 December 2024 | JioCinema | NBC 

It is a court comedy series that had a successful first season that released in 2023. The show revolves around Judge Abbey Stone who is appointed as a judge in a Manhattan night court- where she tries to bring order to its crew. It stars Melissa Rauch, India de Beaufort, and Lacretta in this new season. A comedy, a court, and a pretty smart judge? Sounds like the recipe for a highly entertaining show.

2. Good Trouble Season 5 Part 2 | 9 January 2024 | Freeform 

It is an American feel-good drama series about two sisters- Callie and Mariana, who shift to L.A to forge new connections and find new purposes in their lives. The show will take you on a ride through their journey filled with many dreams, ambitions, love, and friendships. All of its previous seasons have received a lot of love from the viewers and got a 7.5 rating on IMDb. Now, the show is back with a midseason part 2 to impress you once again!

3. The Great North | 7 January 2024 | Fox 

It is an animated sitcom that is like a nice gift for you to watch this new year! The show follows the journey of the Toby family who live in Alaska and deal with many adventures daily. The show revolves around Beef, a single father, and his six quirky kids who never let any day stay boring and quiet! If you love adult animated comedies like Simpsons and other shows- you could add this one to your list too. Its season five will be released in January on Fox.

4. True Detective: Night Country Season 4 | 14 January 2024 | HBO 

It is a crime mystery anthology series that started in 2014 and now its 4th season is on its way. The show tells the stories of what goes inside police investigations of various crime cases and unearths many secrets of those involved in the crime as well as the law. This series has an 8.9 IMDb rating and therefore is one of those shows that could keep you hooked on your screens till the last second of each episode.

5. Death And Other Details Season | 16 January 2024 | Hulu 

It is a crime mystery and for all those who love classic detective drama shows- this one is for you! It is about a murder that happens on a ship sailing through the Mediterranean Ocean and is filled with uber-rich people. What more? Everyone on board is hiding some dark secrets and everyone could have a motive. How to find the murderer? Well, Detective Rufus Cotesworth is one of those smart detectives who is ready to find the culprit.

6. Masters of the Air | 26 January 2024 | Apple TV+ 

An action thriller drama series that revolves around 11 men inside a bomber named ‘Flying Fortress’ who are ready to fight German fighters. This show has a great star cast including Austin Butler, Callum Turner, and Anthony Boyle among others. Well, another war series with many action scenes, bonding between soldiers and so much more. It sounds like a must-watch!

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