UC Browser’s Latest Beautiful Video on Train Memories will Take you On A Nostalgic Trip

Talk about the train journeys and memories of Indians,

Trains, the lifeline of Indian middle-class travels. We all have some special memory associated with train or a special train journey that we cherish.

There are some train routes that simply capture our minds and hearts.

Making new memories on trains is now easier than ever. With UC Browser‘s TrainGo you can book your train journey on your phones in the blink of an eye. Relive your favourite train journey and make amazing new memories with TrainGo

The new video that UCBrowser has come out follows the story of a young boy who meets a girl on a train in the past. There is a time jump post which the video shows the same boy who has now grown up and becomes a young man. He tries to book a seat on a train through the official ‘Railways Website’, the webpage does not respond properly, he gets frustrated and screams. He uses TrainGo to make the same booking and his seat is confirmed in seconds. He boards the train and coincidentally finds himself seated across the same girl who he met years ago.

The video’s message is simple, TrainGo brings train bookings to your phones, and its efficiency is a bonus for making new memories on trains. What are you waiting for? Download UCBrowser and use TrainGo to book your seat on the train of your choice at the touch of a button.


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