7 Weirdest Pitches on Shark Tank India (Season 1 and 2)

Shark Tank India kept us all entertained throughout season one and season two. As much as it offered a platform for some of the best talents to showcase their creativity, it also gave way to some weird creative geniuses that got so lost in creativity that they lost sense. While we enjoyed watching businesses achieve success and win the panel’s heart, we also saw some products and businesses that left the panel with more questions than answers. These products and pitches might not have gotten the investments that they needed but they did get the audience’s attention by making them laugh. Now that Season 2 of Shark Tank India has come to an end, let’s take a look at the weirdest pitches on Shark Tank India in Season 1 and season 2!

1. The Belly Button Enhancer/Shaper

Capitalism at it again to make women feel like their bodies are not enough? These entrepreneurs presented a rather bizarre idea in front of sharks- that of changing your belly button to look like a perfect round naval. Called the Naval Fukai, the entrepreneurs claimed that the kit would help models achieve the perfect look. Namita Thapar and Vineeta rightfully stepped out of the deal as she was doubtful if a mere oil and instrument could change the appearance of a body part. They must have attained their “gol” naabhi but unfortunately could not achieve the goal of getting the required deal.

Image Source: SetIndia on YouTube

2. Mask for Glasses- Sippline

Sippline was presented in Season 1 by Rohit Warrier. The product is a protective covering on the rim of glasses. Rohit Warrier claimed to have created the product when he himself faced the problem of drinking from a glass with lipstick stains or dirt on it. According to him, the product was a need of the hour with COVID on the rise. However, the sharks seemed to have a different opinion. They were quick to point out the faults of the product, stating that the problem that the creator intended to solve already had better solutions.

Image Source: SetIndia on YouTube

3. Hungry heads from Mumbai

All of us love Maggi, but only as a separate isolated product. everyone has their own variation of Maggi that they enjoy with much gusto. These entrepreneurs are no different. Rahul Daga and Arpit Kabra, the founders of Hungry Head came forward with their pitch of presenting more than 80 varieties of Maggi. They tried to assimilate Maggi in burgers, misal, pani puri and also patties. While the restaurant is super famous among the locals, the pitch didn’t really fascinate the sharks. Ashneer even rejected the pitch by calling it an obsession with Maggi.

Image Source: SetIndia on YouTube

4. Poo de cologne 

This one truly is one of the weirdest pitches on Shark Tank India. Presented by Aditi Sodhi, the product as the name suggests is a cologne for your poo. It is supposed to mask the odour of your poo by spraying it in the toilet bowl before use. While the idea seems bizarre, the presentation and the pitch by the creator were both fabulously executed and almost had the sharks. The idea, however, did not stick out to the sharks and they had to politely decline the investment pitch.

Image Source: SetIndia on YouTube

5. Bottom Line 

Are you fed up with using toilet paper in hotels abroad? Well, these entrepreneurs have a solution to this problem. They came up with Bottom Line spray which is a portable tank of water with a spray which you can use whenever and wherever you want. While the idea sounded innovative, the sharks thought that there were already better options available in the market that were as easy as using flushable wipes and also a water bottle. All sharks stepped out of the deal because they did not find any potential in it.

6. Sayonara 

Presented in the second season of the show, Sayonara was a petticoat brand founded by Sahil Shah of Kolkata. Taking into consideration the problems women face while wearing a saree, his innovation dealt with making petticoats that would aid easy movement and accessibility. This pre-revenue pitch had the whole panel in stitches for its almost easy design which the founder had patented. The sharks stepped out of the deal for their own valid reasons but it was truly the weirdest pitch on Shark Tank India I had ever seen.

7. Va incense sticks

When we think of agarbattis, all we are reminded of is bhagwaan, mandir and pooja. But this entrepreneur took the purpose of agarbattis for some completely different type of pooja. Agarbattis as mood setters, anyone? Amit Hotchandani, the founder of Va incense sticks says yes, please! The founder approached the sharks on the panel and pitched them this idea of agarbattis in your bedroom as mood setters and the sharks could not believe it. The pitch got an instant no from all sharks and the founder had to go back home without a deal.

Shark Tank India has seen some truly bizarre and outlandish pitches over the last 2 seasons. Which pitch made you laugh?

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